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Les McKeown's Predictable Success Blog

  • June 9, 2016
  • minute read

The Precise Leadership Formula That Will Scale Your Business 

V + O + P + S = 960 where V=O=P=S. That’s it. That’s the precise formula for scaling your business.

As you know, we’re all one (or a mixture of) four leadership styles – Visionary, Operator, Processor or Synergist. If you don’t know your style already, click here and find out.

To build a truly scalable business, your executive team needs a precise balance of all 4 styles.


Well the secret to scalability is in making high-quality, team-based decisions. In order to achieve that, your decision-making process needs an equal representation of each of the four styles.

Too much Visionary, and you make emotive decisions and find yourselves distracted as a team. Too little Operator, and your decision isn’t grounded in reality. Too little Processor, and you can’t replicate or sustain the decision. Too much Synergist, and you end up in endless debate without moving to action.

With a balanced team, you have the perfect blend of creativity, real world implementation, the ability to sustain, as well as buy-in and ownership from your people.

How to know if you’ve got the right balance. Have your executive team take the quiz, everyone:

Add up and average the scores across each style. The total scores should add up to 960. Your goal as an executive team trying to get to (or stay in) Predictable Success is to get as close to 240 across all styles as possible.

Where you’re lacking in a style, bolster your team with someone who can play that role in your decision-making process.

Give each style co-equality and joint input in the decision. I guarantee you’ll start to see better decisions – and a giant leap toward scalability – in doing so.

Next up: The two most common imbalances in Executive Teams


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