“Les McKeown may be the most reliable crowd pleaser ever to grace our Inc. events programs.” 


Eric Shurenberg, CEO, Mansueto Ventures
publisher of Inc and Fast Company

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Global Conventions

If you're looking for a keynote speaker who knows what it's like to speak to a global audience, has a world-wide perspective on growth and leadership, then Les McKeown may be exactly who you are looking for. Born in the UK, living in the US, holding a US, British and Irish passport, Les is a seasoned world traveler - he has visited over 40 countries in 4 continents. Here is Les onstage at just some of the global events he has spoken at:

The Do Lectures
Wales, UK

INC 5000
Dallas, TX

International Growth Conference
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Gartner CIO Symposium
Barcelona, Spain

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Greg Harris

@Gregory Harris

" This fellow -- @lesmckeown -- is telling our corporate story and I never met him..." @INC5000

Growth & Leadership Conferences

Growth and leadership is Les McKeown's wheelhouse. Les has spoken for just about every major growth and leadership conference organizer - in many cases multiple times. For example, Les is Inc 5000's most frequent keynote presenter, and consistently garners the highest all-conference feedback scores. Here is Les speaking at just a few of the many growth and leadership conferences he has keynoted:



Entrepreneur 360


Inc 5000

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What they SHARE...

Read unsolicited real-time feedback from attendees at Les's keynotes, workshops and deep dives:

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Watch Les in action

Industry Events

One of the things that industry event organizers love about hiring Les as their keynote speaker is that he know that he's there for one main reason: to make YOU look good by delivering highly entertaining, highly informative and immediately actionable content. Here is Les onstage keynoting just a few of the many industry events he has appeared at:

International Foodservice Manufacturers Association Conference

Credit Union Executives Society

SBIA  National Summit for
Middle Market Funds

International Payroll Providers Association

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What they SAY...

Read unsolicited real-time feedback from attendees at Les's keynotes, workshops and deep dives:

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Corporate Events

One of the most risky things any trusted brand can do is to expose their prized customers and clients to an event speaker who reflects badly on them. That why corporations from multiple industries and markets trust Les McKeown to not only deliver a keynote that is highly praised and highly-valued by their event attendees, but one which cements the bond of trust they have built with their customers and clients. Here is Les presenting onstage for just a few of his recent corporate clients:





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What they LEARN...

Attendees at Les's keynotes, workshops and deep dives share what they've learned:

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Leadership Retreats

When your senior leadership team dedicates time and energy to an offsite or retreat, the one thing they want more than anything is to come away with a high return on that investment. As your leadership retreat / offsite facilitator and / or keynoter, Les McKeown knows that his one job is to deliver the environment necessary for your leadership team to make the strategic breakthrough they're looking for. And Les's facilitation isn't just based on practiced communication skills - as a one-time serial entrepreneur, with over 40 companies in which he was personally on the senior leadership team, Les knows the difference between and offsite slam dunk and a miss.

Here's Les guiding just a few of the senior leadership teams he has worked with in recent years:

Chevron USA

Mansueto  Ventures
(publishers of Inc & Fast Company)

The Motley Fool

Welll's Dairy
(Blue Bunny Ice Cream)

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All-Staff Meetings

Get an all-staff meeting wrong (or just bore your folks with something blah), and you can end up spending a  lot of time earning back lost trust. Serve up something that's all entertainment, on the other hand, and you risk having your people wonder whether or not it was a worthwhile investment of their time (and your money). Les McKeown's understanding of the challenges faced right through every level in an organization, coupled with his highly entertaining communication style and the sheer power of the Predictable Success content makes him a much-sought-after keynoter for all-staff meetings. Whether you're rolling out the red carpet in a hotel ballroom, bringing everyone in for a working session, or both, Les McKeown's keynote will leave your entire company more aligned, more energized, and more focussed than ever before.

Stillwater, OK

Civic Plus
Manhattan, KS

Up! Your Service

David Allen Company
(Getting Things Done)

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The Predictable Success methodology applies equally to for-profits and not-for-profits alike - as does Les McKeown's engaging, rich keynote content and delivery. This is just one reason why Les is not just a valued speaker at many  not-for-profit and NGO -sponsored events, but a trusted growth partner for many. Here are just some of the NFP's and NGOs Les has keynoted for in recent years - in many cases multiple times:

NOTE: For obvious reasons the first two photographs below are not of the actual events.



Harvard University

Kaiser Permanente

US Chamber of Commerce

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Church & Cause-Based Events

The Predictable Success methodology has an enormous following in the faith- and cause-based worlds. and Les McKeown has been blessed and privileged to keynote many conferences and events sponsored by church leadership groups, and activist and lobbyist organizations. Here is Les onstage at just some of those events: 

ReThink Leadership

Orange Conference


NorthPoint Partners
Lead Pastor Gathering

Seeds Conference

Virtual Events

Les McKeown was pioneering virtual events long before the COVID lockdowns rapidly accelerated what Les believed to be a vital communications medium in any case. And here's the thing: If you've ever staged a virtual event (or a hybrid virtual / in -person event) you'll know that many superb 'live' speakers don't understand that delivering an impactful and effective virtual presentation requires a different set of skills than being 'live on stage'. 

Unlike many other speakers, Les understood this from the outset of early virtual technology (Skype, anyone), and has perfected his online delivery skills to meet your needs.

So whether you're looking for small- or large-group Zoom presentations, custom recording, live to-camera teaching, large-scale 'beamed in' videoconferencing, live-streaming or any combination of the above, Les's impeccable content and delivery, coupled with his professional-grade, custom-built studio facilities will more than  wow your audience.

Custom Recordings

Live Teaching

Zoom Sessions

Large-Scale Videoconferencing


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Add Value!

When you hire Les McKeown to speak at your event, you don't just get an inspiring, impactful keynote that will leave your attendees raving, you can also work with Les to add value in many other ways. Whether it's pre-event communications such as a video or blog posts, social media sharing of your events, one or more VIP events, deep dive post-keynote sessions, book signings or even on-site interviews, Les is dedicated to ensuring your event is one your attendees will remember (and applaud you for).

Pre-event Communications
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VIP Events

Deep Dive Sessions

Book Signings

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Podcast / Radio interviews

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