The Predictable Success

The Synergist 

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The Synergist is one of four leadership styles which together enable any organization, division, department, project, group or team to get to (and stay in) Predictable Success.

The Synergist brings a primary focus on what is best for the enterprise as a whole, and they choreograph and harmonize team or group interactions to produce high-quality decisions.

Adding the Synergist style to a VOP (VisionaryOperatorProcessor) group releases it from the gravitational pull of gridlock and compromise, and transforms it into a high-performance team.

You can recognize a Synergist by certain characteristics:

  • They are more comfortable in group environments than elsewhere.
  •  In fact, they positively flower when in the company of others.
  • They have a high degree of EI (emotional intelligence), and are skilled at relating to people and at building strong relationships. 
  • They are particularly skilled at understanding and managing the dynamics of group interactions.
  • Not only do they read individuals well, Synergists also read groups well.
  • They are persuasive without being manipulative.
  • They ask “What’s best for the group or team overall?” rather than “What’s best for me?”. 

Unlike the Visionary, Operator and Processor styles, which are natural and innate to all of us, the Synergist style is primarily a learned style – meaning anyone can learn to be a Synergist.

In ‘The Synergist‘ you’ll learn how any leader can learn to transcend their natural Visionary, Operator or Processor style to become transcendent Synergist leaders (without losing any of their V, O or P strengths) – and how Synergists can learn to lead any team, anywhere, any time.

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