The Predictable Success

The Processor 

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The Processor is one of four leadership styles which together enable any organization, division, department, project, group or team to get to (and stay in) Predictable Success

Processors have an innate desire to bring order to any situation – 

 – they focus not only on what they’ve been asked to do, but also on the underlying systems and processes that will make doing it more consistent and repeatable – and if those systems and processes don’t yet exist, they’ll begin by designing and implementing them.

Most at home in what are popularly referred to as ‘left brain’ activities, Processors are rational and analytical by nature, and they think in a logical, sequential way, preferring to arrive at an objective assessment of the facts rather than trusting to emotion and judgment. 

As with the other styles, you can recognize a Processor by certain behavioral traits:

  • They value routine. 
  • They trust data – and collect a lot of it.
  • They dislike risk.
  • They are wary of intuition and ‘hunch’.
  • They prefer not to be rushed.
  • They tend toward the status quo.

Processors bring a crucial skill-set to any group or team – they manage risk, provide consistency and grind out the detail in a way that the Visionary and Operator aren’t pre-disposed to do.

At times, however, their reluctance to embrace change, steady unvarying pace and dogged attachment to data can frustrate their colleagues.

In ‘The Synergist‘ you’ll learn how Processors can contribute the very best from their detailed, analytical approach while ensuring the other team members don’t become frustrated or impatient.

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