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  • October 19, 2014
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Newsletter: June 2013 

Even the best of plans won’t get your organization where you want it to be if you’re missing key elements. This week, we’re looking at two of them. The first addresses when it’s time to change tactics because your growing organization requires it. The second involves your team and the importance of the roles you play.
~ Sarah

See the 3 key shifts needed to scale.

3 Fundamental Shifts You Must Make to Scale

Unlock your organization’s full growth potential.
It’s one thing to grow your business, but it’s another entirely to scale it. Reaching that level of rapid, compound growth requires an important change in attitude and approach which many leaders fail to achieve.
It’s only by recognizing the need for new strategies in three key areas that your organization will successfully scale.
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Watch How to Know your Role

How to Know Your Role

Use these tactical tips to bring out the best in your team.
When Michael Bungay Stanier interviewed Les McKeown at the Great Work MBA conference, they examined the powerful impact that team roles have on an organization’s growth and eventual success.
In this video, you’ll discover why this is and the specific steps you can take to ensure your team is on the right path.
Watch the interview

Listen to Carissa's answer.

Could Context Affect Your Leadership Style?

Consultant Carissa Figgins takes a closer look.
An attendee of our most recent webinar raised a very interesting question. She believes she exhibits different leadership styles in different environments – one in her day job and another in her volunteer work. She wondered if we’ve studied these “context effects”?
For the answer, we’re very pleased to introduce Predictable Success Consultant Carissa Figgins, who has extensive experience in this area.
Hear Carissa’s answer
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Getting on the Growth Track Just Got Easier

Join us & Inc. for the ultimate strategy session, new cities just added!
Thank you for the outstanding response to our Predictable Success Acceleration Program! Only 6 seats remain for our December event, which is taking place at Inc.’s New York City headquarters.
Because so many of you have asked, we’re announcing additional dates and locations for 2015. These events will fill up fast, so register today.
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