Predictable Success Chapter 10

Chapter 10: What To Do When You've Overshot


As you might have seen throughout the book, the main danger facing an organization once it reaches Predictable Success is that management may overcook its focus on systems and process, resulting in an over-managed business that slides, silently and unnoticed, into Treadmill.

For management, halting the slide into Treadmill, then reversing course back into Predictable Success is key.

If your organization has an over-dependence on systems and processes, what tools can you use to get back to Predictable Success?

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Chapter 10 Resources

VIDEO: See The Surprising Secret To Recovering From Treadmill. 

Does it feel like your organization has become overly bureaucratic, perhaps even brittle?

Is there too much focus on systems and processes, rather than the outcomes they were originally designed to achieve? 

If so, these are signs that you’ve entered the Treadmill stage which, if left unchecked, can be a slippery slope to decline.

In this video, Les McKeown examines the specific steps required to recover from Treadmill. You won’t believe what he suggests you do next.  

blog: 3 Tips To Ensure Your Next Hire Will Be The Right Fit

Ever hired a bona fide hotshot, only to see them fizzle and underperform?

Ever felt certain you’d landed a proven high performer, then watched in bewilderment as they struggled to achieve success with you?

Even more confusingly, perhaps you’ve watched one or more of those very same people move on to another organization and thrive?

In this blog post Les shows why this happens, and 3 things you can do to make sure it doesn't happen with your next hire:

3 Tips To Ensure Your Next Hire Will Be The Right Fit

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