Predictable Success Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Almost There


Chapter 9 is the first chapter of Part 2 of the Book.

Part 1 as you might recall shows you the "what" of Predictable Success, whereas Part 2 reveals the "how" of Predictable Success.

In this and the remaining chapters of the book, you will learn how to establish precisely where your organization (or business, division, department, project, group or team) is along the road to Predictable Success, how to get there, and once there, how to stay there.

Your organization will only move from Whitewater to Predictable Success when your management team recognizes (and acts on) the needs to implement those systems and processes that will enable the organization to first stabilize, then scale it's operations efficiently. 

Use the links below to navigate through the tools for Chapter 9.

Chapter 9 Resources

ORG CHART - BLOG POSTS: Do You Have A Machine For Decision-Making?

Whether you work for a startup, a small business or a giant multinational, organizational structure is so foundational we often take it for granted.

Structure doesn’t only allow an organization to run smoothly; it also helps prescribe how an organization runs. In fact, organizational structure can help dictate culture, values, and success.

Do You Have A Machine For Decision Making, Or Just An Org Chart?

The Perfect Organization Chart

WEBINAR:Turning Your Org Chart into a Machine for Decision-Making

In this video, Les examines how to turn Your Org Chart into a machine for decision-making.

Watch the video here:

BLOG POST: Achieving Organizational Speed To Clarity

In this article, Les identifies the three factors in attaining organizational speed to clarity.

Each factor comes straight out of the Predictable Success playbook.

Access the blog post here.

Checklist for Executive Alignment 

While successfully managing a team, department or division requires talent and know-how, there's a new level of complexity that arises at the executive team level.

Changes in focus and perspective are required that aren't always easy to achieve.

How can you be sure that each member of your senior team understands this and is on the same page?

This checklist will show you how. Share it with your team today!

Access the checklist here.

AUDIO: Maximizing Cross-Functional Teams

In this audio, Les discusses how cross-functional teams are used to resolve various challenges across organizations.

He goes on to examine their evolution during different stages of growth and why they are especially important during Whitewater, where they serve a purpose very similar to training wheels on a bicycle

Access the audio here.

blog posts: How to make high quality decisions

The essence of successfully growing any organization is the ability of that organization to make – and implement – high quality decisions, not just occasionally, but consistently.

If There Is A ‘Success Formula’, This Is It 

Are You Leading, Or Positioning?  

Where To Start When You Don’t Know Where To Start

blog post: Restoring Accountability: Why It’s Important, And How To Do It

As any organization or team grows, individual self-accountability declines, and a leader's job often becomes bogged down in chasing the ‘loose ends’ of un-implemented decisions.

Sound familiar?

To make it to Predictable Success you must restore self-accountability, which will in turn radically improve the degree to which your organization or team executes effectively.

In this article, Les explains how to do just that, including a free 4-part audio class on how to install an accountability process for your team or organization.

Access the blog post here.

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