Predictable Success Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Staying At The Peak


As will be pretty obvious by now, getting to (and remaining in) Predictable Success is not a one-off event.

The balance between on the one hand, maintaining the systems and processes needed to keep your organization from slipping back into Whitewater, and on the other, avoiding pushing the organization into Treadmill by overcooking those systems and processes is a delicate one, and one that given the nature of business, shifts daily.

So long as management is flexible and alert to the ever-changing shifts in emphasis needed to keep the balance between systems and processes on the one hand and vision, entrepreneurial zeal and risk taking on the other, then there is no reason why your organization cannot remain in Predictable Success indefinitely.

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Chapter 11 Resources

BLOG: Managing By Cassette Tape

A core tenet of Predictable Success is the centrality of ownership and self-accountability.

If ownership and self-accountability thrives throughout the organization, all else follows.

One of the reasons ownership and self-accountability is so important is that it in turn produces something which guarantees the organization will develop and maintain a considerable competitive advantage: self-directed collaboration.

Out of self-directed collaboration come creative advances, proactive workarounds, product and service enhancement, customer delight, and much more.

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BLOG: How To Achieve Alignment In Your Organization, In 80 Words Or Less 

There is no universal or one-size-fits-all prescription for a winning business. But corporate leaders today seem to agree that strategic alignment is high on the list.

Strategic alignment means that all elements of a business — including the market strategy and the way the company itself is organized — are arranged in such a way as to best support the fulfillment of its long-term purpose. 

But how can you achieve alignment in your organization?

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BLOG: The Centrality Of Ownership And Self-Accountability

By now, you know that ownership and self-accountability is at the very heart of sustained business success.

There are three main reason why this is so:

The Centrality Of Ownership And Self-Accountability

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