Predictable Success

Predictable Success is a business growth methodology developed by Les McKeown, the CEO of Predictable Success.

Specifically, it is:
  1. The ‘peak’ stage of development for any group of people, be it an organization or a division, department, group, team or project – where they can consistently (and with relative ease) achieve their common goals; and
  2. A simple, intuitive and universal business growth process that any leader or manager can employ to get their organization, division, department, project, group or team to the stage of Predictable Success – and keep it there.

If you own, manage or work for any kind of organization, you have one goal above all else–success. And not just occasional, elusive or temporary success.

You’re looking for:

Predictable Success Model by Les McKeown image

  • Success that you understand and can control
  • Success you can maintain indefinitely
  • Success you can replicate
  • Success you can scale
  • Success that isn’t dependent on you alone
  • Success that you can teach to others

In short, you’re looking for Predictable Success. In this timely, no-nonsense guide, experienced business advisor Les McKeown takes you step-by-step through a startlingly simple, intuitive and universal process that shows you how to bring sustained, lasting, predictable success to your organization. Steeped in a street-smart, savvy insider’s deep understanding of exactly how business works in the real world, Predictable Success provides you with a precise road map to success, starting from wherever you are today.

Whatever your challenge, Predictable Success shows you the exact steps to take to restore equilibrium to your organization, re-ignite confidence in your own management skills and lead your team forward to the next stage in growth.

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  • So impressed were we with the Predictable Success methodology, and Les’s ability to communicate with every level of the organization that we subsequently engaged Les to work with our senior management team.

    – Dianna Baker, Vice President, Employee Development and Human Resources, American Express Incentive Services

  • Predictable Success provides an incredibly useful blueprint for any leader who is looking for sustainable growth.

    – Marshall Goldsmith, Million-selling author of ‘What Got You Here Won’t Get You There’ – a WSJ #1

  • Les McKeown has for over 7 years assisted us in the growth and development of our distributorship network.

    His understanding of what makes a business succeed – and a passionate commitment to teaching others how to accomplish ‘Predictable Success‘ – has been our secret weapon and can be yours, too.

    – Mel Haught, CEO, Pella Corp

  • This book has come at the perfect time. Predictable Success will completely change the way you think about growing your business.

    Absorb its ideas before your competitors do.

    – David McNally – Best-selling author of Even Eagles Need a Push and The Eagle’s Secret

  • Les McKeown’s ideas and insights are brilliantly written, entertaining, and easy to grasp and implement – no effective CEO or manager should miss this book!

    – Dr. Wendy Everett, President, New England Healthcare Institute

  • Predictable Success isn’t a textbook – it’s a sensible and strategic playbook for any leader seeking to take their organization to the next level, and provides the conceptual framework to ensure a successful outcome.

    – David A. Brandon, Chairman and CEO, Domino’s Pizza

  • This is real-world expertise, with simple but subtle and sophisticated prescriptions for all of us involved in getting things done with other people.

    Predictable Success should be required reading for every management team.

    – David Allen, International Best-Selling Author, Getting Things Done and Making It All Work

  • I just finished reading Predictable Success. I would have finished it sooner, but it spurred so much thought that I needed to jot notes and set tasks after every few page. I’ve read many business page since starting my own company 18 years ago. I found Predictable Success one of the most insightful, thought-provoking and helpful ever.

    – Douglas Weich, CEO, Sophelle

  • Predictable Success is the ‘ah-ha’ book.

    Les’ insight and real-world stories are not only entertaining, they clearly detail the different stages in the lifecycle of a company, and more importantly, how to avoid declining into ‘treadmill’ and ‘death rattle’.

    A ‘don’t-miss’ business book!

    – David Greer, CEO, Wire Belt Company, Inc.

  • Les McKeown has an intuitive understanding of why and how business works.

    Predictable Success‘ is practical and easy to understand – exactly what any executive needs to grow his business.

    – Keith Ferrazzi, #1 New York Times Bestselling author of Never Eat Alone & Who’s Got Your Back

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