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  • August 24, 2014
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Newsletter: August 2014 

As a new school year begins, it reminds us that we should never stop learning – regardless of age. Now is a perfect time to think about which core areas you want to focus on and develop.
From breaking habits/behaviors that are harmful to your business to cultivating tools to enhance your leadership effectiveness, enclosed are resources that will help.
~ Sarah

Protect yourself from these leadership pitfalls.

The 4 Achilles’ Heels of Great Leaders

See which behaviors could be holding you (and your business) back.
Many organizations hover on the verge of greatness, yet never fully achieve it. While there are a lot of potential reasons why, one of the most common has to do with having a great leader at the helm.
Specifically, a great leader whose behaviors haven’t evolved while the business has. See if you’re guilty of this and find out how to fix it.
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Listen to Les' LDRLB interview

Step Inside the LDRLB

This interview is chock-full of leadership takeaways.
Listen as host David Burkus and Les McKeown examine everything from what has the biggest impact on which stage of growth an organization settles into (the answer will surprise you), to the secret to leading when your natural style is not appropriate.
They also take on an issue that leadership guides rarely ever address – how to face failure.
Hear the interview

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Looking for ways to develop yourself, your team, your business? Download a free chapter from the book(s) below and get started:
Predictable Success examines the growth stages that every team/organization goes through and how to maximize them.
The Synergist dives deeper into the underlying leadership styles and the key roles they play.
Do Lead reveals how anyone can lead and the tips/tools necessary to make it happen within your organization.


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