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  • July 17, 2014
  • minute read

How to be an Exceptional Operator Leader 

How to be an exceptional Operator leaderSelf-starters with an ability to improvise their way to success, Operators do whatever it takes to get the job done – even if it means working outside of established systems.

While an Operator’s practical, action-oriented mindset is extremely valuable, it also gives rise to certain challenges when striving to become a truly exceptional leader.

The very traits that allow Operators to achieve so much can result in them becoming a bottleneck for those they manage. Their propensity for being on the front line as much as possible means that they aren’t always available to provide the consistent leadership every group, team or organization needs.

If you’re an Operator leader (not sure? Check out if you are with this free quiz), you’ll want to watch this free webinar where we will examine:

  • The 4 key strengths every Operator brings to the table
    – and how to use those strengths for optimum results;
  • The 3 least-accessed skills every Operator possesses (but which few use)
    – and how to develop those skills to greatest effect;
  • The 4 ultimately destructive myths Operators believe about themselves
    – and how you can free yourself from their grip;
  • The 3 things about which Operators are almost always wrong
    – and how to get them right.

And much, much more…

Note: If you don’t hear any sound after pressing the play button, use the volume slider (to the left of the ‘HD’ icon) to raise the sound level.

Below are links to each of the resources mentioned at some point on the call, as well as additional ones that may be of value (click each underlined link to access the relevant resource).


A pdf of the slides used is here (right-click to download).
The Synergist styles quiz is here.
A free chapter of ‘The Synergist’ is here.
The webinar on interpreting your Styles Assessment Score is here.

The webinar on working with (or for) a Visionary is here.
The webinar on working with (or for) an Operator is here.
The webinar on working with (or for) a Processor is here.
The webinar how to be an exceptional Visionary Leader is here.
The webinar on Building a Highly Effective Team is here

A free chapter of ‘Do Lead’ is here.
A free chapter of ‘Predictable Success’ is here
The webinar on the 4 secrets of Predictable Success is here.
A quiz to tell you what stage on the lifecycle your business is at is here.

 (But worth every penny):

The Predictable Success 1-Day Intensive Workshop is here.
‘The Synergist’ (the book) is here.
‘Do Lead’ (the book) is here.
‘Predictable Success’ (the book) is here.

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