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Newsletter: February, 2014 

If your inbox is overflowing, then help is here. We have the key to unlocking email productivity for you and your organization, and that’s just one of the resources we’re bringing you this week. 

A brief respite in Hawaii longdesc=
As you can probably tell from this photo, Les spent the past two weeks away, first speaking in San Francisco and then Hawaii. It was difficult to leave snowy Massachusetts, but he must go where he is needed.
Now Les is back home and focused on the first Predictable Success workshop of the year. Taking place March 18th in Atlanta, this event is a perfect way to put your business on the fast track to achieving its goals. You’ll also get an exclusive tour of Chick-Fil-A’s remarkable facilities and a chance to interact with some of their Operators!
Speaking of, do you work with (or for) an Operator? If so, you won’t want to miss the newsletter question Les answers below. We also have a brand new interview with Mark Silver, who explores what it means to truly put your heart into every aspect of your business.
Enjoy and have a great week!
~ Sarah

Listen to our interview with Mark Silver, Founder of Heart of Business

Getting to the Heart of Business

Is it possible to make a difference in the world and earn the profits necessary to support yourself?
Mark Silver has shown thousands of small business owners how to do just that. A fourth-generation entrepreneur, he originally set out to provide design and marketing services within his Portland community.
However, it soon became apparent that the individuals he encountered wanted help with much more than just marketing their message. They wanted to incorporate the heart, integrity and spirituality that inspired them into every aspect of their business.
Mark’s unusual background – combined with the education/experiences he gained while addressing his wife’s chronic health crisis – equipped him with a unique set of tools.
Now he and his team at Heart of Business are using those tools to train, coach, and guide microbusiness owners all over the world.
In this interview, you’ll learn what it means to be truly invested in every aspect of your business. You will also hear the surprising way that Mark and Les first met and how a Predictable Success Workshop provided the missing pieces necessary for Mark and his team to reach their full potential.
Listen to the interview here

Learn how to deal with an obstructive Operator

Obstinate Operator Boss?
Use These Tips to Keep Your Team on Track

Our latest newsletter reader’s question raises two important issues about teamwork.
Do you work with or for an Operator who likes to bluster their way through topics they don’t want to address? What would you do if that person were also your spouse? This week, Les takes on both topics as he answers this question:
“The biggest obstacle I’m facing when it comes to working with my team is getting my operator boss/husband to shut up and bring the team along with him.”
Les has three tips regarding what to do when an Operator (boss or otherwise) won’t be quiet.
The first is to be persistent. After the Operator has finished talking, bring the conversation back to the topic at hand. Ask someone else to weigh in, so constructive progress can be made and the Operator knows that he or she is not off the hook.
Les also examines how working with one’s spouse impacts the office dynamic and offers a suggestion about how to leverage it in a way that benefits both the business and the relationship.
Access Les’ answer here

Take advantage of these special paperback offers!

Take Advantage of These Great Offers!

With just weeks until its release, we’re pulling out all the stops.

A brand new paperback edition of Predictable Success will be out in early March, complete with exclusive new chapter-by-chapter resources!
We’re very excited to share these tools with you and your team. That’s why we’ve put together some great special offers.
Pre-order 3 copies of the paperback, and you’ll get 3 copies of Les’ upcoming book, Do Lead, for free! Pre-order 10 copies, and you’ll receive 10 copies of The Synergist for free (a $270 value)!
Want to attend a Predictable Success Workshop on us? Buy 25 copies, and you will (a $975 value)! Check out these offers and more:
Pick a pre-order package

Discover the key to email productivity!

Discover the Key to Email Productivity

Three simple letters will increase your company’s efficiency immediately.

If you cringe each time you check your email inbox, you’re not alone. Whether it’s 50 or 500 unread emails clamoring for your attention, it’s difficult to know where to begin.
What if there were a way that you could quickly identify the next action an email required before you opened it? And, at the same time, you could achieve company-wide productivity gains of twenty to fifty percent?
The key to both is introducing email subject line protocols across your organization. In this article, Les shares the six most effective ones he’s found. Give them a try at your company!
Read the Inc. article

Watch the Optimizing Your Time in Fun Webinar Replay now!

Optimizing Your Time in Fun Webinar Replay

Think you have Fun all figured out? Here’s what you need to know.

Once an organization reaches the Fun stage, the sales team seems unstoppable, customers are thrilled, and there’s double- if not triple-digit growth.
However, this success is not guaranteed to last. From the Walmart Effect to the Artisan Trap, there are potential threats that could pull an organization back into Early Struggle.
Sometimes, it’s the Visionary/Founder who pursues a new venture too soon – whether it’s adding a product line or another location – costing the organization money it couldn’t afford to lose.
How can you protect against these pitfalls and make the most of Fun?
Watch the webinar replay


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