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Mark Silver on the Heart of Business 

Mark Silver is the founder of Heart of Business, a remarkable company that provides guidance and support to individuals who want to make a difference in the world while also needing to make a profit.

A fourth-generation entrepreneur, Mark’s past is almost as intriguing as his present. Growing up, he was a political activist who saw the damaging effects the wrong types of business practices could have – not just on the environment, but on the hearts of the communities around them.

Despite successfully turning around a non-profit magazine and working as a paramedic, it was his wife’s chronic illness and a search for solutions that led Mark to discover something that would play an integral part in his future.

As he began assisting small business owners with marketing in his community, he saw that they also needed help with the emotional side of their business. He created Heart of Business to do just that. His organization has now helped thousands of small business practitioners to integrate their heart, integrity and spirituality into effective business practices.

Because Mark’s experience was primarily as a solo business owner, the challenges of running a virtual team that spans the globe required that he learn a new way to lead. After attending a Predictable Success workshop, Mark was able to identify precisely what he and his team needed to continue to grow and thrive. Listen to learn the steps he took and what happened next.

If you would like to learn more about Mark and Heart of Business,  you may do so here!


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