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Les McKeown's Predictable Success Blog

  • August 20, 2010
  • minute read

Why your employee engagement program isn't working 

Here is the trend line for employee morale in just about every organization that decides to start an employee engagement program:Why your employee engagement program isn't working

And the truth is, in about 90% of the cases where an organization has poor morale, the reason is obvious to anyone who takes the time to look: poor managers.

Compensation, benefits, the work environment, creches, parking spaces – whatever HR tells you you should be looking at – are almost certainly not the issue. People might say they are in some gawd-awful $75,000 survey HR commissioned, but that’s because (a) they don’t want to risk their job by telling you that their manager sucks, and (b) HR doesn’t want to grapple with the issue of underperforming managers (too messy), and would rather find some mechanical issues to tinker with – so they rig the survey to avoid the hard stuff.

Here’s how to fix your morale problem:

How to fix your morale problem

What say you – have you ever seen an ’employee engagement program’ actually deliver any results?


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