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Les McKeown's Predictable Success Blog

  • March 18, 2014
  • minute read

Discover Why March is the Most Dangerous Month, What's Missing from Your Meetings & What Great Brands Do 

Here at Predictable Success, we say that March is the most dangerous month of the year for you and your organization. We’ll explain why a little later in the newsletter, but rest assured, we have plenty of great resources that can help.
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Les and Dave will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Atlanta as they complete the final preparations for our first Predictable Success workshop of the year. If you’re in the area and want to grab a last-minute seat for this March 18th event, we have two spaces remaining. Register now!
In honor of our upcoming Whitewater webinar, we’re sharing the second in our series of audio tips. This week, Les takes on meetings and how to ensure that decisions are not just made, but actually acted upon.
We also have a wonderful new interview with brand-building expert Denise Lee Yohn. Read on to discover what she uncovers in her new book, as well as the reasons why March poses such a problem for your business.
~ Sarah

Register now for our Whitewater Webinar

New Audio Tip & Webinar:
How to Get Through Whitewater and In to Predictable Success

If it feels like your once-nimble organization has become trapped in quicksand, then you know just how painful Whitewater can be.
After enjoying the rapid growth and expansion of Fun, an unfortunate but inevitable consequence is greater complexity throughout the organization. Without the proper systems and processes in place to handle it, the problems it brings will quickly escalate, halting progress in its tracks.
What can you do to overcome this? That’s what our upcoming Whitewater webinar will reveal. In it, we’ll share the five signs that you’ve hit Whitewater, as well as the most common and expensive error you can make at this time. We’ll also examine the three people who will be key to your journey through this difficult stage and how you can accelerate out of it as quickly as possible. Be sure to register for the webinar here.
In the mean time, Les is sharing the second in a series of three Whitewater audio tips! In his first tip, Les discussed how to restore clarity to your organization. This week, he’s taking on meetings. Specifically he uncovers an essential item that’s typically missing from agendas. He also identifies the three elements of an effective agreement, which will ensure that decisions are not only made, but actually implemented.
Listen to the audio tip here

Listen to our interview with Denise Lee Yohn on what great brands do!

Discover What Great Brands Do, an Interview with Denise Lee Yohn

Ever wish you could distill down the secrets behind successful brands like Apple, Zappos and Nike, and apply them to your business?
Denise Lee Yohn’s new book, What Great Brands Do, gives you the tools necessary to do just that!
In our latest interview, we speak with Denise about her unique branding background – including her role as Sony’s first-ever brand manager. We also explore how she came to write the book and some of the surprising principles she identified as being a key part of truly great brands.
As you’ll see, many of them are counterintuitive. For example, great brands don’t chase customers. Often companies will try to focus on satisfying a particular customer base. But by starting with that goal, the organization quickly loses sight of what makes it unique. The result? It becomes lost among a sea of competitors.
Instead, it’s best to follow the example of Steve Jobs and Apple. Their focus was on making insanely great products, rather than pleasing people. Determine what distinct value you’re going to provide and invite those who respond to be a part of your brand.
Curious about what other secrets Denise uncovered?
Listen to our interview here

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This way, whether you like to listen on the treadmill, pick up your e-reader on a plane, or thumb through the paperback at the office, the book will be ready and waiting.
Want to order multiple copies for your team? We have several great bundle options available as well!
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March is the Most Dangerous Month

What happens now will determine your success
for the rest of the year.

Despite its reputation for being lucky – thanks to St. Patrick’s Day, four-leaf clovers, and more – March is actually a dangerously pivotal month for most teams and organizations.
Why? Well, take a moment to write down the top 5-10 projects you’re focused on right now. They will most likely fall into one of three categories: those that are taking off/succeeding; those that are doing okay; and those that are going nowhere.
Regardless of what the specific projects are, you have a good sense of which ones have traction and which do not. It’s what you do with this knowledge now, as Q1 draws to a close, that will impact your success for the rest of the year. Here’s how…
Read the article

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We’re very pleased to be participating in Inc.’s GROWCO event again this year.
This innovative conference brings together hundreds of entrepreneurs, business executives, and thought leaders from around the country to exchange ideas and share strategies on the best ways to grow one’s business.
Les will be speaking about how to instill leadership in every employee. He’ll also examine heroic, synergistic and protective leadership – from when they appear to the positive and negative impacts they have on an organization.
This is one event you won’t want to miss. Sign up today!
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