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Why Can’t You Pay Attention Anymore? 

In my coaching practice, I’ve found that a mild form of ADD is not uncommon in big V’s – particularly founder/owners.

Often, this results in a frustration at not being able to stay on task, and a tendency to get easily distracted by new challenges – I call it the ‘pretty blue ball’ syndrome – no sooner have you started work on some important issue, than a distracting new issue comes along, and like a kid spying a pretty blue ball bouncing past, you’re off on some other track…

Now Dr Edward Hallowell reports a new trend, which he calls ADT – Attention Deficit Trait. Hallowell links this to (so-called) multi-tasking, and explains how left unchecked, technology is “running us ragged”.

This is an important article, and well worth reading. It confirms me in my belief that to attain (and stay in) Predictable Success®, you must – mustproactively manage your information flow. If you have a problem in that area, start here.


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