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  • May 13, 2006
  • minute read

Whirlpool / Treadmill / Institutionalizing 'V' 

Great article in BusinessWeek about Whirlpool Corp and how senior management has worked to institutionalize ‘V’ – one of the key steps back from Treadmill into Predictable Success®.

I particularly like how the article – by one of Businessweek’s best writers, Michael Arndt – details not just their successes, but also the failures that had early on on the process.

By the way, if it isn’t already, BusinessWeek should be on your Predictable Success™ reading list. Store up 6 or 7 week’s issues (you don’t get magazines for hot news – you get that from newspapers and the internet) and scan them in one sitting, looking for trends. This will help greatly with your practice of Embrace External Change – one of the 9 Key Transitions.


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