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Les McKeown's Predictable Success Blog

  • April 19, 2011
  • minute read

Where I'll be on June 9, and why I'd like you to be there 

Most of you who read this blog know what I do: I help leaders in stalled organizations who want to regain clarity, direction and control; and I help leaders in growing organizations who want to accelerate that growth.I accomplish this by introducing people to the Predictable Success process, which works rather like being given an organizational GPS.

Ever been lost and switched on your phone or iPad’s GPS to get your bearings? Then you’ll know the relief you feel when you see that pulsing blue dot appear on the map, showing precisely where you are.

You’ll recall the clarity that comes with seeing in real time whether or not you’re moving closer to, or further away from your destination.

And you’ll know that sense you get of being back in control when you can view clear, turn by turn instructions guiding you to your ultimate destination.

The Predictable Success Map

That’s exactly how the Predictable Success Workshop works.

In the space of just one day I provide you with:

– A detailed map of the journey every organization is on – including yours;

– A real time indication of precisely where your business is on the map right now;

– A clear indication of what direction your business is currently headed in, and

– Immediately implementable step by step instructions showing how to get your organization to its ultimate destination – Predictable Success.

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Usually, you can access the Predictable Success process by reading my book or attending one my speaking engagements, by hiring me to deliver an in-house, private workshop, by taking my online training or coaching program, or by signing up for private coaching and consulting.

But on only 4 occasions each year a year I spend one full day teaching the entire Predictable Success process to just 10-12 people:

I lay out the complete ‘GPS system’ in precise detail, which I teach in a fully interactive mode (i.e., with open Q&A, targeted learning and no powerpoint ‘point and click’), and all the materials are customized just for the 10-12 people in the room.

The Predictable Success Workshop provides you with everything you need to kick-start your businesses growth – it’s not a teaser for more consulting work with me, nor is it about building a dependency culture around the Predictable Success methodology.

Having taught this workshop to many hundreds of people over the years (possibly thousands – I lost count long ago), I can guarantee that:

Literally within the first hour you will experience a renewed sense of clarity and control over your business;

By the end of the morning session you will be be aware of exactly what you need to do to restore your organization’s growth and vitality, and

During the closing afternoon session you will transform that new awareness into a detailed, customized action plan that you can take back to the office and begin implementing the very next day.

If you seriously want to grow your business, then I strongly believe that the Predictable Success Workshop is for you.

Organizations of every size have participated and benefitted from the workshop, from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, and everything in between. Predictable Success works for any industry; for for-profits and not-for-profits, even for divisions, departments, projects, groups and teams.

So why don’t you set aside one day to completely revolutionize how you do business?

Come join me and 10-12 others on June 9 at the Harvard Faculty Club in beautiful Cambridge, MA (right in the middle of the Harvard campus) for a detailed, practical, hands-on workshop that will leave you in possession of the clearest road-map to business growth you will ever gain access to:

Click here to read more about the Predictable Success Workshop and/or register.

Click here to see more about the venue.

Click here if you’re thinking of joining the workshop, but have questions


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