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First published August 5, 2010

Where are you on the Predictable Success Lifecycle? 

Here are a number of industries and organizations which I’ve plotted against the Predictable Success lifecycle (you can use the glossary links below for more info if you’re not familiar with the seven Predictable Success stages). Notice that competitive advantage occurs when a specific organization is closer to Predictable Success than the industry of which they are a part (see Jetblue / airline industry and JP Morgan / financial services as examples). Where would you place Ford – part of the ailing auto industry? Amazon in context of the eBook industry? Where is your industry on the lifecycle, and where does your organization fit? Are you closer to Predictable Success than your industry as a whole, or further away? (If you’re viewing this post in your RSS reader and don’t see the image blow, please click here to see it.) This image is from 2010: The Predictable Success lifecycle, with companies and industries plotted 2010 Here’s a look at some of these same companies, as well as others, in 2014:                             Glossary: Early Struggle Fun Whitewater Predictable Success Treadmill The Big Rut Death Rattle


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