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First published October 23, 2006

What's Your 'Personal Improvement Index'? 

Most of us operate under some sort of performance metric – revenue growth, profitability, time to hire, new customer acquisition…that sort of thing.

Whether they’re self-imposed, descend from above, or are consensually agreed with others, they exist. Usually, they’re overt – stated, written down. Sometimes they’re not.


Don’t mistake the absence of written down goals with non-existence of those goals.

You might think you have no performance metric because nothing is in writing, or has ever been discussed – but all you have is no clear agreement as to what your performance metrics are.

Whether you’re the founder, owner, leader or manager, you can do one of two things – succeed or fail. The absence of clear, agreed, preferably written performance metrics merely means you don’t know when you’re failing).

If you’re in this category, read no farther – your learning point from this month’s newsletter is right here – go get your performance metrics agreed – even if it’s only with yourself!


For most of us, it’s this time of year that we begin re-negotiating the metric(s) – 15% up on this goal, 11% on that one, 7% on the other one.

For example, I just finished a coaching session with a client who is the owner of a $63m business with about 125 employees. His primary goal for next year is a 12.5% increase in revenues (he has others, related to profitability and customer satisfaction, but the revenue goal is his main driver for 2007).

My question for him (and for you) was this:

“To meet your goal, how much do you need to develop as a manager?”

It’s a hard question – not easy to answer. 0%? 12.5%? 300%?

I didn’t know the answer, and he didn’t either – but we both agreed that the answer isn’t ‘zero’.

So let me ask you:

“To meet your goals next year, how much do you need to develop as a manager?”

The answer isn’t easy to get to, but one thing’s for sure – it isn’t zero.


Here’s my suggestion – have a detailed 360 degree assessment completed on you, and use that as the starting point.

Take it again in a year or so, and use the improvement over time (I know you will improve, of course!) as a best estimate of your ‘Personal Improvement Index’.

Of course, you may be doing this already, in which case, I hope this article has given you a fresh way to view the results of your 360.

If not, there are a bunch of great 360 assessments out there. If you’ve already found one you like, go ahead and use it.


If you haven’t already found a leadership 360 assessment you like, use ours – it’s ‘Predictable Success®’ approved’: and we provide you with a free ‘Leadership 360’ assessment every 12 months, as part of your Predictable Success® membership – why not use it now to get started?

If you’d like get started tracking your ‘Personal Improvement Index’ using your free Predictable Success® Leadership 360 assessment, just let me know here, and we’ll get you set up right away:


Either way, let me close by asking you one more time (repetition is a good thing, right?):

“What’s your ‘Personal Improvement Index’? In other words, to meet your goals next year, how much do you need to develop as a manager?”


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More later!

Les McKeown, President & CEO

Predictable Success®


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