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Les McKeown's Predictable Success Blog

  • November 3, 2014
  • minute read

Unlock Your Competitive Advantage, Here's How 

Knowledge is power, especially when it enables you to foresee challenges and opportunities. This week, we have a video and an accompanying quiz that will change the way you look at your organization’s trajectory – and help you plan for its future.
~ Sarah

Unlock your competitive advantage

Unlock Your Competitive Advantage

See where your organization stands and how best to leverage it.
At any point in time, every business – including yours – is experiencing one of seven stages of growth. In this video, Les McKeown describes what they look like, as well as what comes next.
By identifying which stage your organization’s currently in, you can tailor your strategies and those of your team to optimize your future success.
Watch the video

Take the Quiz

Take the Predictable Success Life Cycle Quiz

This brief assessment will pinpoint your position.
If you watched Les’ video above or have read Predictable Success, then you have an idea of which stage your organization’s currently in.
Now, with this brief assessment, you can know for sure. If you submit your results to us, we’ll even send you free tools to help you get (or stay) where you want to be.
Take the quiz

Learn the 4 steps to achieving real change

The 4 Steps to Achieving Real Change

Tired of endless meetings that rarely produce results? Help is here.
When a business is small, a morning elevator ride with a colleague can lead to a decision before the doors open, action before lunch, and results to discuss in the elevator ride back down that evening.
However, as the organization grows, complexity creeps in. Before long, your calendar is clogged with meetings that lead to more meetings and very few actual results. How can you break this cycle?
Read the article

Watch the webinar

Learn to Lead Exceptionally as a Processor

Consultant Claudette Rowley reveals how in this webinar.
Processors bring an attention to detail and level of consistency that are crucial to an organization’s long-term success.
In this webinar, led by Coach and Consultant Claudette Rowley, we take a closer look at these and other Processor strengths, and examine how to transform them into powerful leadership tools.
Whether you’re a Processor leader or work with one, you’ll discover innovative new ways to enhance your team’s efficiency.
Watch the webinar


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