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Les McKeown's Predictable Success Blog

  • August 28, 2010
  • minute read

3 ways you can be a better leader by Monday 

Here are three simple things you can do this weekend that will make you a better leader by Monday morning:

1. Reconnect with your leadership grounding.

Whether it’s a relative, a book, a teacher, a movie, an inspirational quote, a mentor, a memory or a set of beliefs, we all have somebody or something that is our touchstone for the purist fundamentals of why (and how) we lead.

You need to reach out and reconnect with that person or thing and put in place a process or system that ensures you remain connected in the future.

Not sure that you have a leadership touchstone? Think harder. Either you have one, and you haven’t yet identified it, or you aren’t a leader. Every leader has a north star, somewhere.

2. Be vulnerable with your friends and family.

As leaders in business we accrete over time a carapace of ‘rightness’; our western business culture equates leadership with ‘winning’, with not making mistakes.

True leadership isn’t about that – it’s about inspiring and engaging others to pursue courageous paths that we ourselves are taking. It’s about treating other people as real human beings, and being real in turn, with them.

Start reversing the process – begin removing that hard skin – with the people you feel safest with. This weekend, relax – truly relax – with your friends and family. Be vulnerable.

3. Take the day off.

You’re at your best when you’re fresh. You know it; everyone else knows it. So why are you ‘on’ 24/7? Rest, my friend. Your followers need it.


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