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Les McKeown's Predictable Success Blog

  • March 7, 2023
  • minute read

Three Critical Barriers to Your Growth 

You will only achieve the growth you need and want if you are ruthlessly focussed on your SINGLE BIGGEST BARRIER to growth.

Get this wrong -- try to "fix" a symptom rather than the root cause -- and the consequences can be brutal.

Missed opportunities. Expensive failures. Team friction. Stasis at best, and ultimately, for some...total meltdown.

The heart-breaking truth at the core of this is that most leaders don't do the wrong things - they do the right things - in the wrong order. The underlying reason this happens? Not knowing - and therefore not prioritizing - your KEY SINGLE BIGGEST BARRIER TO GROWTH.

In my work as a serial entrepreneur, launching over 40 businesses and not-for-profits, I've uncovered the three most common barriers to growth, and I discussed them in detail with Predictable Success Community Manager Katy Widrick in the video below:

Click to play

Break Through Your Barrier to Growth!

Take the Predictable Success Quiz to Identify Your Single Biggest Growth Challenge.

Which of these 3 growth barriers is preventing you from ruthlessly executing your plan to get to Predictable Success?

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