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  • September 9, 2012
  • minute read

The Take Action Issue | New at Predictable Success 

It’s September. The summer is over. How did that happen? View from Guyama's, TiburonLast week,  ahead of the 1-day intensive in San Francisco,  I found myself propped up at an old haunt (Guyama’s, in Tiburon – that’s the view from there at right).
Reviewing my to-do list, I realized that many of the goals I’d set for 2012 need to be kicked back into gear this quarter if I’m to hit them.
What about you? What do you still need to do to hit your goals this year? I’m prepared to bet that one or more of the resources in this week’s update will help you do just that – but before you check them out for yourself, here’s a thought:
– If you’re not charged with growing something (a for-profit or not-for-profit business, division, project, group or team) OR
– You don’t need to work with others to achieve your goals, OR
– You just don’t get much of value out of these updates,
…then consider using the link at the bottom of this email to unsubscribe, and save yourself some well-deserved time and energy. I promise I won’t be offended (I won’t even know, to be truthful), and we’ll both end up doing more of what we’re each here to do :).
If, on the other hand, one or more of the resources below (or in any of the other updates) seem valuable to you, why not jump in and get involved? Predictable Success is only achieved through action, after all.
Enjoy this week’s updates – I’m off to see if my compatriot and golf prodigy, Rory McIlroy, can pull off a second-week-in-a-row victory. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and I hope we talk soon.

Buy The Synergist, get Predictable Success free

This Week Only: New Book Offer

Did you know that ‘The Synergist’ and ‘Predictable Success’ together form one comprehensive model?
I originally intended to write just one book, but for clarity, ended up spitting it in two.
To fully understand how to achieve your goals through working with others, you should understand both parts of the model – so this week, I’m giving you the opportunity to purchase both books for less than the price of one.
Details here.

Join the Predictable Success 1-day workshop in Manhattan, Dec 6

This Month Only:  New York Early Bird Pricing

An Early Bird Discount is now available for the upcoming New York 1-day workshop.
The workshop will be held in Manhattan on Thursday December 6, and until the end of September, you can register at a $150 discount (subject to seats being available).
If you are charged with growing a business, division, department, project, group or team – whether for-profit or not-for-profit – you owe it to yourself to check out if this 1-day intensive is right for you.
Details here. Early Bird registration here.

What is Tapas leadership?


Rob Poynton is one of my favorite people. He’s brilliant, and lives on the edge of life in many ways.

If you like your leadership precepts unambiguous and in a linear format, then this interview with Rob will drive you crazy.
If, on the other hand, you recognize that true leadership is often improvizational, if not outright chaotic, then you’ll enjoy hearing about Rob’s recent experimentation with his notion of ‘Tapas Leadership‘.
My interview with Rob is here.


Great Hiring, Every Time

Last week’s article on how to hire great people every time is the most viewed piece I’ve written for Inc to date.

Every person you hire either adds to, or detracts from, your ability to achieve Predictable Success – so it’s good to get it right, yes?
Yet so many people hire in a random, hope-it-works-out way, even though it’s relatively simple to make it a predictable, successful process.
The Inc article is here.
More pieces on hiring are here.

Can't make a workshop? - learn the entire Predictable Success model at your own convenience

Learn In Your Own Time

I realize not everyone – including you, perhaps – can make it to a live Predictable Success Workshop.

And even if you can, I only run four workshops a year, and there are only 10 seats in each – which means only a total of 40 people get to learn the Predictable Success / Synergist model in detail.
Which is why I’ve put the entire workshop content into a learn-in-your-own-time online format.
Take a look and see if it’s right for you.
Details are here.


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