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  • June 21, 2020
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That One Event… 

I've been having fun asking my friends which COVID-cancelled event they'll miss most this summer.

My personal choice is a no-brainer, and I recommend it to anyone interested in their personal leadership and/or organizational growth.

Wait...how can I recommend an event that's been cancelled? I explain how (and why) in today's video:

Please leave me your questions and observations in the comments below!

Running time: 04' 23"     Don't forget to leave your comments below!

Workshop Details:

The workshop is being held across 3 days, from July 15th until July 17th 2020 (LIVE via Zoom) as follows:
  • Wednesday July 15th, 11a - 12.30p (Eastern) / 8a - 9.30a (Pacific) 10a - 11.30a (Mountain) / 4p - 5.30 pm (London). 
  • Thursday July 16th, 11a - 12.30p (Eastern) / 8a - 9.30a (Pacific) 10a - 11.30a (Mountain) / 4p - 5.30 pm (London). 
  • Friday July 17th, 11a - 12.30p (Eastern) / 8a - 9.30a (Pacific) 10a - 11.30a (Mountain) / 4p - 5.30 pm (London). 
  • Each session will consist of 60 - 75 minutes of teaching and 30 - 60 minutes of Q&A. 
  • Registration fee: UK£275 (c. $350) 
  • Only 100 places available. 

Plus  - you'll receive an exclusive invite-only follow-up Q&A session I'm holding by Zoom on the following Tuesday, July 21st.  Here's how to get it:

Step 1: Sign up For the Workshop!

Click below to go to the Do Lectures
Web Site and sign up for Les's
Workshop on how to Scale any organization

Step 2: Email me your Registration Confirmation

Click here to email me the confirmation receipt from your registration, and you'll be auto-registered for my exclusive Q&A session.

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