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  • February 3, 2014
  • minute read

Surprise Atlanta Announcement, Tackling Troubled Team Meetings, Figuring Out Fun 

We’re kicking February off with some exciting news and terrific tools to help you and your team! We’ll take a closer look at them momentarily.
Dallas Deep Dive longdesc=
Last week, Les was in Dallas delivering a keynote speech and deep dive for a valued client there. If you’re interested in having Les speak at your organization, you can learn how to make it happen here.
Now about that news… We’re extremely pleased to announce that the Atlanta Predictable Success workshop will take place at the Chick-Fil-A innovation center! We can’t think of a more appropriate place to “hatch” plans to help your organization achieve Predictable Success. Be sure to register today, before the workshop sells out.
Speaking of growth plans, the Optimizing Your Time in Fun webinar replay is now available. Thanks to everyone who attended and asked such great questions. For those of you who couldn’t make it, we’re still happy to assist with questions about Fun or any other business issue you’d like help with. Simply submit them here and Les could answer you in our next newsletter!
One question you won’t need to ask is how to make high-quality decisions as a team. Les shares the secret, which may surprise you, in the Inc. article below.
~ Sarah

Register now for our Atlanta Workshop at the Chick-Fil-A Innovation Center!

Breaking Workshop News:
Big Atlanta Announcement

The upcoming Atlanta Workshop will be taking place at “Hatch”, the world-class Chick-Fil-A innovation center!
This fascinating 80,000-square-foot facility is specifically designed to inspire out-of-the-box thinking, and is the perfect place to explore how you can take your business to new heights.
Hatch” is where Chick-Fil-A develops everything from new technologies to enhance the ordering experience to innovative ways to engage their rapidly growing fan base. Don’t miss this exclusive chance to step inside this unique facility and learn how to build your business!
To help you take advantage of this opportunity, we are extending our special New Year’s workshop discount through February 6th! Sign up for a single workshop seat for $750 (a savings of $225), and bring additional participants from your organization for $300 each (a savings of $150)!
Spaces are limited, so don’t delay. And, if you won’t be able to attend the March 18th Atlanta workshop, we have additional dates/locations available to suit your needs!
Learn more and register here

Place your organization on the fast track to Predictable Success!

Expedite Your Success:
We’ll Show You How

This new program is the most effective and cost-efficient way to build the principles of Predictable Success into your organization.
Designed for C-level and senior management teams, the Predictable Success Accelerator Program begins with an in-depth breakdown of exactly where your organization is in the Predictable Success lifecycle.
In addition, you will obtain a detailed analysis of your senior team’s leadership styles mix, and the impact it has on their ability to reach a consensus and achieve organizational goals.
Based on this information, we will work with you to develop an action plan that identifies the structures, processes and people needed to move your organization to where you want it to be.
The Predictable Success Accelerator Program encompasses six months of coaching, provided by Les or one of our highly-trained Predictable Success Consultants.
There are three levels of engagement, so you can choose the tier that is most appropriate for your needs. If you’re ready to rapidly accelerate your organization’s growth, or re-align the culture of you company, this is the best way to do so.
Obtain additional information here

Watch the Optimizing Your Time in Fun Webinar Replay now!

Optimizing Your Time in Fun Webinar Replay

Avoid potential pitfalls and learn how to make the most of Fun.

After an organization makes it through Early Struggle, the last thing anyone wants is to be pulled back into it!
In this webinar, you will learn how to determine whether you’re in Fun and what to do if you want to stay there.
Discover which types of leaders are key during this rapid stage of growth and why others could actually do more harm than good.
Les also reveals the temptations that arise when business is booming, and which tools/techniques will keep you from going down the wrong path. Lastly, you’ll learn the signs that Whitewater is ahead and how to determine what to do next.
Watch the webinar replay

Learn How to Make Good Decisions as a Team

Tired of Troubled Team Meetings?

Most teams are highly ineffective at making quality decisions.

It doesn’t matter how talented the individuals are who make up the team, either. They still fall victim to the paralysis of analysis that arises in a group environment.
However, there are some teams who function at a higher level. What sets them apart?
It’s not their ideas or the courage of their convictions. Rather it’s the rhythm of their discussions.
The key to successful team-based decision-making comes down to this simple yet powerful cadence: data; debate; decide or defer. Learn how to put it to work for you.
Read the Inc. article

Listen to our interview with François Ortalo-Magné, Dean of the Wisconsin School of Business!

Sharing Strategy Secrets

Is managing the day-to-day operations keeping you from achieving your business goals?

This is just one of the obstacles that François Ortalo-Magné faced when he became Dean of the Wisconsin School of Business at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
In this interview, he speaks with Les about taking on the role during a very turbulent time for higher education in the U.S. They examine how François kept the school running smoothly while building a new executive team from the ground up.
François also reveals a key leadership strategy that’s often overlooked and which allowed him to make a revolutionary change to this top-tier institution.
Listen to our interview


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