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Steve McKee on Power Branding 

Not only is Steve McKee president of McKee Wallwork & Company, he’s also a columnist for BusinessWeek and an award-winning author.

When we last spoke with Steve, we explored valuable insights from his first book, When Growth Stalls. We’re very pleased to welcome him back as we examine the importance of branding and the lessons we can learn from those who do it best.

Branding is essentially the sum total of everyone’s impression of your organization. So your company is building a brand whether you’ve consciously worked to establish one or not. The good news is that you don’t have to have a multi-million dollar budget to move your brand forward.

In his new book, Power Branding, Steve provides 75 brief case studies of organizations that executed innovative strategies that worked. From Nike’s success in selling shoes without ever including them in their advertising, to why “the most interesting man in the world” has bolstered beer sales for Dos Equis.

If you’re leading a small company that is just getting started, the lessons he reveals will ensure you put yourself on the right path. If you’re at a large company with an established brand, they will help inspire you as you strive to make it that much more powerful.
Learn more about Power Branding and order your copy today!
Listen as Les and Steve explore how to put branding to work for you.Want to learn more about Steve’s new book, Power Branding? Watch a video trailer for it here. Read more about his company here.

(Running time is approximately 23 minutes.)

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