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Hear the Secrets to Conquering Complexity, Supercharging Business Trips, and Making Predictable Success Actionable 

If you read the article from our last issue, you know that March is a dangerous month. Hopefully it’s going out like a lamb for your organization. If not, then read on for the tips and tools you need to make April a roaring success.
We had a wonderful workshop in Atlanta! Will you join us for our next one, in Boston? longdesc=
As you can see from this photo, we had a great workshop in Atlanta! Dave and Les were joined by twelve wonderful attendees and some lovely folks from Chick-Fil-A. Everyone got a lot out of the day, and Hatch was a perfect place to birth new business game plans.
Wondering whether our workshops could benefit you and your team? Watch this short video and find out!
Speaking of videos, Les was recently interviewed for the Action Books video blog. He and founder Chris Taylor cover a lot of valuable ground, it’s definitely a must-see.
We also have the Whitewater Webinar replay ready and waiting for you. There was so much information to share that we couldn’t get to all of the great questions we received. So keep an eye out for those answers in upcoming newsletters.
Lastly, if you’re tired of business travel, we have four tips on how you can make the most it.
~ Sarah

Watch the Actionable Books interview with Les

Actionable Books:
Watch The How & Why of Predictable Success

Les was recently a guest on this innovative video blog designed to help people put business ideas into practice!
After reading Predictable Success and The Synergist, Actionable Books founder Chris Taylor invited Les to join him for a lively discussion of the key points from both, as well as how best to apply them in order to benefit any organization.
If you’re not familiar with the seven stages of Predictable Success, Les gives a seven-minute overview at the outset that will provide you with a wonderful introduction. He then explains how the leadership styles of The Synergist come into play and why friction arises among team members.
Several powerful points are touched on during the interview, including the fact that not all departments/divisions/locations within an organization will necessarily be at the same stage of the Predictable Success lifecycle. It’s important to recognize this and respond accordingly.
In addition, helping team members to understand, especially during Whitewater, that what their organization is experiencing is not unusual or unique is also quite valuable. This knowledge, combined with having a common language to address it, will enable everyone to approach challenges more from a place of logic and less from one of emotion.
Watch the interview here

Here's what you need to know about Whitewater

Conquering Complexity:
A Guide to Accelerating Through Whitewater

We’re wrapping up our Whitewater series with a third audio tip and a new webinar to help you navigate your way through!
Whitewater is extremely challenging for founder/owners and employees alike. The turmoil it brings causes leaders to doubt their own abilities, while those who work for them face a highly stressful environment that yields very little job satisfaction.
That’s why we’ve assembled a great tool kit of resources to assist you and your team, starting with this series of three audio tips:
1. Restoring Clarity – Learn how to overcome communication breakdown and re-establish a clear sense of what’s needed/expected.
2. Reaching agreement – Discover how to translate decisions into actions and ensure they’re implemented.
3. Putting Repeatability in Place – Crisis management can only take you so far. Use this tip to solve problems permanently.
Our Whitewater webinar rounds out our resources by offering a step-by-step guide to the important things you need to know. From the signs that indicate you’ve entered this tumultuous stage, to the key decision you must then make. You’ll also hear how to get out of Whitewater quickly and on to where you want to be!
Access the webinar here

Join us for the Boston workshop where we'll unveil valuable leadership lessons from Do Lead!

Predictable Success is Boston Bound

Just wait till you hear what we have planned for this event!

We’re very excited about our upcoming Boston workshop, which is taking place on June 4th at the Harvard Faculty Club.
Not only is New England quite beautiful during this time of year, it’s also close to home for many of us. But what really sets this event apart is, in addition to the invaluable teaching we typically offer, the Boston workshop will feature exclusive new content from
Do Lead, Les’ upcoming book!
Don’t miss this opportunity to be the first to learn about heroic, synergistic and protective leadership and how they can help (or hurt) your organization. Register now!
Wondering whether a Predictable Success workshop is right for you?
Watch this video & find out

Transform your next business trip, here's how.

4 Ways to Supercharge a Business Trip

Turn your travel time into an opportunity to develop as a leader.

If you’re constantly on the road – whether it’s to visit clients, prospect for new business, or some other worthwhile pursuit – chances are the time between appointments often feels like a mind-numbing blur of security lines and hotel rooms.
What if you could take that time and use it to develop yourself and others instead? Here’s the first of four ways to do just that.
Rather than catching a cab or airport shuttle at the beginning or end of your next trip, why not ask a junior colleague to drive you instead?
Spend that time with someone who you wouldn’t ordinarily have more than a corridor conversation with. They’ll benefit from it more than you know.
Read more tips here

Hear our interview with brand-building expert Denise Lee Yohn

Discover What Great Brands Do

Denise Lee Yohn shares the secrets behind the world’s biggest brands.

Brands have an influence not just on our purchase decisions, but also on how we live. The question is, how do they develop this presence? Is it a matter of luck, timing, or perhaps years of trial and error?
Brand-building expert Denise Lee Yohn decided to investigate. What she discovered, and shares in her new book, is there are actually seven key principles that separate the best brands from the rest.
In this interview, she reveals many of them and how they’re often counterintuitive. For example, great brands never have to give back. They purposely design their business so that they are not taking something that they have to make up for in the first place. Want to learn more?
Listen to our interview here


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