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  • August 5, 2012
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Newsletter: August, 2012 

Hi – It’s nice to be off the road for a few weeks. I’ll be spending time with my first grandson, Jack, and his Mom (Mum, actually, as they’re Brits). Mind you, recent travel has been great fun…

Hi – It’s nice to be off the road for a few weeks. I’ll be spending time with my first grandson, Jack, and his Mom (Mum, actually, as they’re Brits).
Mind you, recent travel has been great fun…

The Wicker Park Group
I spent a (hot) two days in Chicago with the great folks from The Wicker Park Group keynoting and facilitating their annual retreat – if you’re in the legal profession and you haven’t hooked up with them, you should. You can find out more here.
The Motley Fool
After that it was down to Alexandria, VA for two days with long-time clients (and the funnest people imaginable) The Motley Fool. We had a great time as I worked in separate groups of their Visionaries, Operators, Processors and Synergists to increase an understanding of the four styles and how they interact.
In the last two weeks I got to meet and work with a bunch of bright, fun people, and I’d like to get the chance to meet and work with you, too. Take a look at my upcoming events (some of them highlighted below), and see if there’s something / somewhere you’d like to jump on:

Sept 6th: 1 Day Intensive

One day. You. Me. Rapidly accelerated growth for your business or enterprise.
I do these sessions only 4 times a year. Only 10 people get to attend each event. The results are outstanding.
The next is in SFO on September 6th. Treat yourself – register here.
Oh, and bring your team, too – additional registrations are less than half price.

Predictable Success for Mission-based organizations

Aug 9: Free Webinar

Running a church, faith-based organization, NGO or NFP is tough.
I know – I’ve done it many times. I also know that the guilt factor can get high (running a mission-based organization shouldn’t feel like it sucks, right?).
Which is why together with my friends at The Rocket Group I’m running this free webinar on Predictable Success for Mission-based Organizations. Join me.

Using email protocols to conquer overload


I’ve been using these simple email protocols to battle email overwhelm for many years now.

These are examples only.
Why not devise your own: simple 3-letter acronyms relevant to your organization’s workflow that say what’s required in the subject line.
Here’s an article where I talk more about their use.
[No bonus points for spotting the tell-tale giveaway that the article is not recent.]

Webinar Replay: The Synergist's Toolkit


The good folks at Soundview Summaries have been very supportive of ‘The Synergist’.

And I returned their support recently by delivering a webinar focussed mostly on the role of the Synergist and the Synergist toolkit.

Although it’s on their site as part of their members-only package, they’ve kindly allowed me to make it available to you free of charge for a brief time.
Click here to access the replay (Sorry, this resource is no longer available.).

Plywood Presents, Atlanta, Aug 15-16


I’m leaving the house for only one public event during August (attention must be paid to LBJ,  visiting grandson).

…and I’m delighted that it’s Jeff Schinberger’s ‘Plywood Presents‘, in Atlanta Georgia.
If you’re anywhere in the area (and even if you’re not) I seriously recommend you check it out.
The event is in the same mold as The Do Lectures and has a truly outstanding array of speakers…of which I am officially the un-coolest.


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