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Les McKeown's Predictable Success Blog

  • November 25, 2013
  • minute read

Predictable Success News | School for Startups, Seeing Through the Interview, Do Lead's Cover Debut 

This week, we’re focusing on growth. We’ll examine everything from the stages that a team/business experiences as it expands and develops, to strategies to ensure the individuals you hire are right for their roles. We’ll also dive deeper into working relationships and how to maximize productivity while minimizing friction.
Les enjoying time with his grandson longdesc=
Before we get to that though, Les spent some quality time visiting his daughters and his grandson this past week in England. As you can see in this action shot, a fun time was had by all!
This isn’t the only photo we’re excited to share this week. We also unveil the cover for Do Lead, Les’ new book that will be out in the spring. Take a look and let us know what you think.
If you weren’t able to attend our working with (or for) a Processor webinar, the replay is now available. Whether you’re a manager or a co-worker of a Processor, you’ll gain valuable insights into how they think, as well as the best way to engage with them. If you’re a Processor yourself, you’ll learn some strategies you can implement as well!
~ Sarah

Listen as Les shares lessons from Predictable Success

Les Shares Lessons From Predictable Success

Whether you’re an entrepreneur who’s just getting your business off the ground, or part of a well-established organization, discover what it takes to achieve and maintain Predictable Success.
In this School for Startups Radio interview, host James Beach speaks with Les about the seven stages of Predictable Success. (Note: Les is introduced at the 28:32 mark.)
They examine everything from the dangers of Early Struggle, to the excitement of Fun, and how its rapid growth leads to creeping complexity and eventually Whitewater.
They also explore what types of leaders are vital in these early growth stages and the key to ensuring an organization can navigate through Whitewater to Predictable Success.
Lastly, Les reveals how too much of a good thing can lead to Treadmill, or worse, and which well-known companies are now facing this fate.
Listen to Les’ interview here

Watch the Working With (or For) a Processor Webinar Replay

Working With (or For) a Processor Webinar Replay

Processors have a key role to play in any organization striving to achieve scalable growth. However, the very traits that make them so valuable can also sometimes make them frustrating to work with.
In this webinar replay, Les explores what makes Processors tick. From their need for order and risk aversion to the consistency, accuracy, and clinical perspective they bring to otherwise chaotic environments.
If you report to a Processor, you will learn when and how to approach them in order to achieve optimal results. If you manage Processors, you’ll discover the best ways to set goals and communicate priorities so that everyone will be on the same page.
For those who work alongside Processors, you’ll gain a better understanding of their perspective and how best to coordinate with them in order to get things done.
And if you are a Processor, you will obtain new insights about yourself and how those around you perceive you.
Watch the webinar replay here

Les reveals how to make the most of the interview process

Need Help With Hiring?

Take the guesswork out of finding the right candidate with these interviewing insights from Les.

The latest in our series of newsletter reader questions is, “How can you see through a candidate’s interview personality and find out exactly what kind of person will be working for you?”
Les explains that the secret lies in the precision of your hiring process. From identifying the key skills/attitudes the position requires to using specific screening procedures to see if a candidate has what it takes. Here are the four steps that no hiring process should be without.
Listen to Les’ answer here

First look at<br />Do Lead: Share your vision. Inspire others. Achieve the impossible.

First Look at
Do Lead

The cover of Les’ upcoming book is revealed!

Les is very pleased to be writing his newest book, Do Lead.
While he’s been hard at work on the text, a very talented designer by the name of James Victore has been busy designing its cover.
We’re excited to unveil it here, and look forward to hearing your thoughts about it!
The book will be out in Spring 2014, and you can pre-order your copy now.
View the new cover here

Are you a martyr-leader or do you work with someone who is?

When Leaders Become Martyrs

If you’ve ever worked with someone who’s a bottleneck and secretly likes it, that’s a martyr-leader.

Their default mood is exasperation, and they frequently offer head-shaking sighs or small expressions of ‘poor me’.
While you may have the urge to help them, what they really want is to stay in their state of learned helplessness, because this is how they truly feel fulfilled.
So what should you do if you work with a martyr-leader, or think you might be one yourself?
Read the Inc. article here


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