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  • October 28, 2013
  • minute read

Predictable Success News | Motivate Your Team, Protect Against Office Politics, How to Rebuild from the Ground Up 

This week, our focus is on teamwork. From rebuilding an organization from the ground up, to making the most of the team you have – including how to work with (or for) a Processor. We also take a look at the dangers that can arise when office politics are allowed to run rampant…
Predictable Success' Dave & Les McKeown at Inc. 500/5000 Conference & Awards Ceremony longdesc=
Before we get to that, we wanted to say a little about what a fine event the Inc. 500/5000 Conference & Awards Ceremony was. Les was thrilled to share the stage with a hero of his, Jim Collins.
Our COO Dave and Les (shown here at the gala) each met many remarkable people, several of whom have since joined the Predictable Success community. We’d like to officially welcome you all!
Speaking of remarkable people, Julia Hamm recently spoke with Les about taking over the reins at the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA). She reveals the struggles and opportunities she encountered and how SEPA is now able to bring much-needed assistance to hundreds of member organizations.
We also have Les’ response to our first reader question! Listen as he shares how to motivate team members who have a different leadership style than yours.
Lastly, be sure to register for our upcoming webinar about working with (or for) a Processor. It’s free and is sure to help any team that is struggling with how best to interact with this talented and precise type of leader!
~ Sarah

Interview with Julia Hamm, President & CEO of the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA)

Rebuilding From the Ground Up

If a board of directors of a former employer asked you to rebuild their organization from scratch, where would you begin?
Julia Hamm, President and CEO of the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA), found herself in just such a position nearly 10 years ago.
Listen as she shares with Les how she took on this challenge, transforming SEPA into a thriving non-profit that’s helping its 900+ member organizations learn how to maximize the potential of solar power in their markets.
Julia also reveals some of the growing pains SEPA has overcome – from cultivating a senior management team to educating young staff members who are new to the working world – and how Predictable Success has provided tools to help.
Listen to our interview here

Les Answers Your Leadership Questions

Queries & Quick Tips:
Les Answers One of Your Leadership Questions

Do you have trouble motivating team members who don’t share your leadership style? Listen as Les reveals the best ways to break through communication barriers.
Thank you to everyone who responded to the question in our most recent newsletter! In case you missed it, we asked you to tell us, “The biggest obstacle I’m facing when it comes to working with my team is ___________.”
We noticed many people shared this response: motivating team members who don’t come from the same perspective as I do. (Processor motivating non-Processors, Visionary motivating non-Visionaries, etc.)
How can you motivate team members with varying leadership styles? Les has the answers for you, including three takeaways you can begin implementing immediately.
Listen to Les’ tips here!

Register Now for Working With (or For) a Processor Webinar

Register Now:
Working With
(or For) a Processor Webinar

Precise and logical, Processors are the technicians in any enterprise.

Their ability to design and implement systems and processes is key to helping companies achieve scalable growth.
In this webinar, you will learn how to get the very best from a Processor’s detailed, analytical approach while ensuring their team members don’t become frustrated with their dogged attachment to data.
Register for the webinar

New article on Inc - How to Tell If Office Politics Rule Your Business

How to Tell If Office Politics Rule Your Business

Are gossip and power plays running rampant in your office?

We’ve all seen the impact of politics on the U.S. government. However, there’s another place where this dangerous game could be playing out. Specifically, in your own company.
Les reveals the six symptoms of a toxic political climate and then offers tips on how you can refuse to play the game.
Read the Inc. article here

Where Should Our Next Workshop Be?

Weigh In:
Last Chance to Suggest 2014 Workshop Locations

Want to attend a Predictable Success workshop next year? Tell us where!

Thank you to everyone who has sent in a suggestion so far. The response has been wonderful, with city ideas ranging from Los Angeles to Lisbon, Perth and Sydney to Dubai!
Before we finalize our schedule for 2014, we’re giving you one final opportunity to cast your vote. We look forward to seeing you soon!
Suggest a city here


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