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  • June 17, 2006
  • minute read

Predictable Success® needs a GPS, not a Map 

I was in Santa Fe this week with my buddy, Bob Gibson, for a

few days R&R, – mostly golf.

Well, that was the idea…until we set off on the first
morning to find the golf club.

After spending 25 minutes trying to get to a location we were
assured was ‘only 5 minutes away’, we got so lost that Bob
described us as like ‘two bear cubs chasing a football’ (his
version was more…let’s say ‘colorful’).

Eventually we found what we *thought* was the right road,
but the dang thing just went on, and on, and on…and on. We
were expecting to see the golf club at any moment, but no
matter how far we drove, it never appeared.

Eventually we decided it was time to fish or cut bait (to
mix our sporting metaphors), and we prepared to turn ’round
and go back to the hotel to start again, reluctantly
accepting that this would make us late for our
tee-off time.

Just at that point a car came around the next bend, and in
an act of male-gender desperation (you know us guys aren’t
meant to ask directions – ever) Bob shouted at the driver
‘Where’s the Marty Sanchez Golf Course?”.

“Right there…” shouted the friendly local, pointing back to the corner she had
just come around.

Sure enough, we drove 10 yards, and there it was – the
driveway to our day of leisure.

My learning point for the day? Well, I had two, actually:

  1. Being late and arriving frazzled isn’t good for your golf game; and (more importantly)


  2. Maps aren’t much use when you get off track.

That’s one of the reasons we use the GPS acronym for ‘Get Predictable Success®’ – it conveys the key difference between Predictable Success® and other ‘systems’ for organizational or personal success:

Whereas most other books, methodologies and systems presume that there is only one way to success, and that it is achieved by a seamless, linear progression, Predictable Success® is an organic, flexible, ever-changing process that immediately adapts itself to wherever you are on the path to Predictable Success® at any one time.

Feeling lost? You won’t get anywhere staring at those turn-by-turn instructions – you need a GPS.


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