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Les McKeown's Predictable Success Blog

  • July 22, 2012
  • minute read

Predictable Success for Mission-based Organizations 

Not-for-profits face unique challenges. Whether you manage, or work in or with a faith- or cause-based organization, an NGO, a state or local government agency – or your kid’s softball league, you’ll know that even defining success can be difficult, let alone achieving it.

The good news is that the Predictable Success model is just as relevant to your situation as it is to commercial and for-profit organizations – in fact, in many ways, it’s even more so.

So, whether you’re a board member or executive at a foundation, a church leader, a project manager in an NGO, a government or agency employee (or a kid’s softball league convener) you’ll want to attend* this webinar to learn:

  • » The 7 growth stages every NFP and mission-based organization goes through
    – and which stages you are most likely to get ‘stuck’ in, depending on the nature of your mission;
  • » The precise mix (and style) of leadership that is required to move through each stage
    – and what to do if your team is missing any of the required leadership styles;
  • » How to balance the need for systems and processes with the passion and flexibility required to achieve your mission
    – learn how to ensure ‘constant rejuvenation’ and avoid becoming overly bureaucratic or stagnant.;
  • » The five blind spots mission-driven organizations and NFP’s are prone to
    – find out the 5 secrets that are ‘hiding in plain sight’ and are holding you back from more effectively and efficiently achieving your mission.


In association with:

The Rocket Company

Les McKeown is a serial entrepreneur who started 42 businesses before he was 35 and spent the next decade showing hundreds more entrepreneurs just like you how to grow their businesses.

Eventually Les and his partner employed over 100 people in 13 locations across the globe advising entrepreneurs world-wide on business growth.

More importantly, in working with those many hundreds of companies, Les uncovered the four immutable factors that together determine the success of any business, big or small.

Les has served on the boards of many mission-based organizations and was a pastor and elder in a faith-based organization for many years, giving him a unique perspective of how mission-driven organizations succeed – and sometimes fail.


Here are the links to each of the resources I mentioned at some point on the call (click each underlined link to access the relevant resource):


NOT FREE RESOURCES (But worth every penny):

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