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Powerful Productivity Tips for You and Your Team 

This week we’re taking a closer look at productivity. Specifically, how can you make the most of the time and resources you have?
One key way is to learn when and how to delegate. Our step-by-step guide will walk you through. Another is to enhance your email effectiveness, and we’ve got two great tools to assist you.
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~ Sarah

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Don’t Hesitate To Delegate

See which obstacles could be holding you back.
The ability to delegate is a crucial leadership skill that not only benefits leaders, but also the people who report to them.
Why is it then, that even with the best of intentions, we so often choose to just do things ourselves?
In this 3-minute video, Les McKeown explains the nuances of this imperative skill. From the reasons why we struggle to specific tips on how to overcome them.
Watch the video here

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Get Your Delegation Game Plan

Claudette Rowley shares the key steps for delegation success.
As Les McKeown showed us in his video, everyone faces their own set of challenges when it comes to delegation. However, by tailoring your techniques accordingly, you’ll not only enhance your team’s productivity, you will also nurture trust and accountability.
In this audio clip, Predictable Success Consultant Claudette Rowley offers a step-by-step guide on how to delegate effectively. From choosing what to delegate to which team member, to the tactical details that follow. Try these techniques today and see what a difference they make.
Access the audio here

3 Tips to Enhance Your Email Effectiveness

Here’s how to know when to hit send.
It’s hardly a secret that email is a critical tool for correspondence. While convenient, is it always the best method?
Thanks to differences in communication styles, emails can easily be construed in any number of ways. To further team productivity and increase synergy within your organization, knowing WHEN to send an email is an ultimate must.
Read on as Predictable Success consultant Alex Thatcher examines the nuances worth knowing.
Read the article here
To find out how to make your emails more productive, we invite you to read this bonus article and accompanying tool.


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