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  • April 15, 2010
  • minute read

Ever thought of escaping from cubicle nation? 

I don’t often get a chance to talk about the Early Struggle and Fun stages of Predictable Success – the majority of my work is with the Whitewater and Treadmill stages), so I’m delighted to be speaking this week with Pam Slim, author of ‘Escapre From Cubicle Nation’ and a business coach to micro- and solopreneurs.Pam knows better than anyone I’ve met exactly what it takes to make that leap of faith from what she calls “corporate prisoner to thriving entrepreneur”, and in our interview she shares the secrets of entrepreneurial launch and success that she has gleaned – not only from doing it herself, but from helping literally hundreds of other people ‘find their passion’.

Click here to listen to my interview with Pam Slim

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn from Pam:

  • » How a merger and pneumonia changed her life 13 years ago;
  • » What the ‘loathing scale’ is, and what it means for your success as an entrepreneur;
  • » The three major mistakes most people making when starting a new business;
  • » Her personal tips on how to move quickly from Early Struggle to Fun;
  • » What it means to ‘fail fast’, why and how you should do it, and how it will accelerate your business growth;
  • » Why so many entrepreneurs suffer from ‘the impostor syndrome’ and how to overcome it;
  • » The importance of developing an ‘affection for fear’;
  • » How she helps potential entrepreneurs realize their dream;
  • » What’s next for Pam and her new program, the $100 Business Forum;

Click here to listen to my interview with Pam

Get a free copy of Escape From Cubicle Nation

Get a free copy of “Escape From Cubicle Nation”

Want to get Pam’s straight-to-the-point, step-by-step advice on how to escape your job and pursue your passion by launching and growing your own business? I strongly believe in Pam’s work and her message, so I’ve decided to give away a copy of her great book “Escape from Cubicle Nation”. In order to win, simply take a moment to submit a comment, question or observation about my interview with Pam and you’ll be entered in a drawing for a free copy of “Escape from Cubicle Nation”.

You can submit your comment, observation or questions here:



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