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One touch 

The 2011 Jeep Cherokee has a ‘snow button’ – one touch and the transmission settings are changed to optimize the vehicle to drive in snow. For this one piece of simplicity, my wife is contemplating switching from her beloved BMW X5.The one-touch concept isn’t new. Seagate pioneered it in data backup some years ago. It has revolutionized the life of diabetics with the advent of one-touch blood glucose meters. It’s the core functionality of any mobile app – one touch and something happens that would usually require many steps, whether it be search, or mapping, or banking – or whatever.

What complicated (or irritating) process can you reduce to one touch for your customers or clients? What do you do that you can package into a single point of interaction, and have the rest happen by seeming magic?

If your business was an app, what would it look like?


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