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  • September 16, 2013
  • minute read

NYC News, Paperback Predictable Success, Cultivating Fierce Loyalty | New at Predictable Success 

This week, we’re bringing you news from New York, a new addition to our team, and some exciting developments for 2014…
Erin Verbeck and Sarah Petty with Les at our NYC Workshop longdesc=
Let’s begin with an introduction. My name is Sarah Berger, and I am the new Content/Community Manager at Predictable Success.
I had the privilege of meeting many of you at the Predictable Success workshop last week in New York City. (Including Erin Verbeck and Sarah Petty from the Joy of Marketing, who are pictured here with Les!)
The workshop was extremely informative, from learning that you can reverse aging in a business to discovering which combination of leadership personalities are best to turn to when starting a new division within a company.
While the New York City workshop was the last public one for this year, we’re already hard at work planning for 2014. Read on to learn more about that, a new edition of Predictable Success, and much more.
I look forward to connecting with you again soon!
~ Sarah

Predictable Success in Paperback

Coming Soon: Predictable Success in Paperback!
Expanded edition with bonus features

We’re extremely pleased to announce that a new edition of Predictable Success will be released in early 2014.
Not only will this edition include a free excerpt from The Synergist, it will also contain a chapter-by-chapter resource guide, enabling you to capture valuable takeaways and apply them to your business.
Be sure you’re one of the first to obtain a copy when it hits the shelves in late January/early February 2014!
Sign up here to be notified as soon as it’s available!

Tell us where our next Workshop should be

Come to a Predictable Success Workshop!
Tell us, where should we go next?

Our last public workshop for 2013 just wrapped up. However, we’re already making plans for 2014!
Over the past couple of years, we have visited many wonderful cities – from Atlanta, Boston, and New York, to San Francisco and Seattle.
As we look to 2014, we would like to expand into new areas, including potentially Australia and the United Kingdom. That’s where you come in.
Where would be the ideal city for you to attend your next workshop? Sound off here!
We look forward to seeing you next year.

Listen to this Interview with Sarah Robinson, author of Fierce Loyalty

How to Build Vibrant Communities

Looking to establish a community for your brand? Not sure where to begin?

Sarah Robinson knows more about building truly vibrant communities than anyone else we know.
She has done it successfully for numerous businesses and is sharing her tips to help you do the same.
Listen to our interview here

New article on Inc - How to Get Fiercely Loyal Customers

How to Get Fiercely Loyal Customers

In today’s competitive landscape, developing and maintaining a relationship with your customers is more important than ever. 

Sarah Robinson reveals to Les the secrets behind highly successful companies who have built a fiercely loyal community of brand evangelists and how you can develop one for your business.
Read the Inc. article here

Webinar replay: The 4 Secrets of Predictable Success

The 4 Secrets of Predictable Success

Wondering whether your company is heading in the right direction? Curious what’s causing those bumps in the road?

Watch as Les explores the seven stages every business goes through, the surprising fact that dictates how fast your business will grow, and the best way to get it where you want it to be.
Catch the replay here.


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