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  • November 16, 2014
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Newsletter: November 16, 2014 

Take a moment to think about your team and how they interact. Do they know how to engage effectively? Are they making high-quality team-based decisions, consistently?
The tools below will enable you to objectively assess where your team stands and identify the best potential steps to take next.
~ Sarah

See if your team is engaging effectively

21 Signs Your Team is Engaging Effectively

Diagnose the level of ownership/self-accountability in your organization.
Each day, individuals are meeting and making team-based decisions that will impact your organization’s bottom line. How do you know whether high-quality decisions are being achieved consistently, at every level?
Access our 21 signs assessment and see whether your company culture is conducive to effective team-based decision-making.
Get a real-time gauge. Try putting these skills to the test in your organization using this guide.

Synergize your team in 2015, here's how.

Synergize Your Team in 2015

Get the toolkit you need to maximize productivity.
In the articles above, we examined how high-performing teams function. What if you could take these traits and instill them into every level of your organization, quickly and effectively?
From realigning everyone around common goals, to providing the tools, mindset and communication skills necessary to pursue them with greater efficiency and self-accountability. Now you can, thanks to our Peak Performance Program.
Get details here

Ensure your team is heading in the right direction.

Keep This Core Leadership Issue from Plaguing You

Momentum only counts when it’s in the right direction.
Even the strongest of teams cannot succeed without having an overall goal in mind. Does yours have a clear sense of what it is they’re working toward?
In this audio tip, we share the specific process needed to pinpoint your purpose and effectively communicate it. We also suggest ways to strengthen how individuals can contribute toward achieving it.
Hear the audio tip

Join us for the ultimate strategic workshop

Join Us In NYC, See Who Our Bonus Guest Will Be

Design Your 2015 Game Plan at Inc.’s Headquarters: Only 4 Seats Left!
If you truly want to fast track your team’s success, then this event is for you. Taking place Dec. 4th-5th, the Predictable Success Acceleration Program will give you a step-by-step action plan for 2015 that’s uniquely tailored to address your organization’s needs.
You’ll also have an exclusive opportunity to meet/dine with our special bonus lunch guest, president and editor-in-chief of Inc. Eric Schurenberg, on day one and tap into his extensive experience.
Secure your spot here


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