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Newsletter: June 2012 


Hi- We keep a lean ship here at Predictable Success.
I answer my own phone, and Max, the CAO (Chief Arf Officer – he’s a King Charles Spaniel) looks after just about everything else. 
So I’m delighted to announce a new appointment – say hello to Alfie (that’s him at right, being supervised by Maxie from the CAO chair)
Like Max, Alfie is a little handicapped by the absence of opposable thumbs, so we’re having a bit of a problem getting him competent on email and texting. His core skills at present involve sleeping and chasing car lights along the ceiling.Below the fold – a special offer for those of you on the left coast, a chance to meet a genuine hero of mine, and three great resources.

More later!

Be a San Francisco early bird and save $150.

The Predictable Success Workshop is on its way to the beautiful city of San Francisco – we’ll be there on Thursday September 6th.

 Early Bird registration is now open – and if you sign up now you’ll get $150 off the cost of registration.

Details of the workshop are here, and registration is here.

David Hieatt
Meet a true business hero: David Hieatt.

I  have very few true business heroes – but one person who is – and who I’m privileged to know as a friend – is David Hieatt, founder of the Do LecturesI interviewed David a couple of weeks ago, and the interview is now live on our web site. I strongly urge you to listen to it – you’ll not only hear about Do (both the UK and US versions), but also his exciting new venture, Hiut Denim.

New York Times Summit
New York Times Small Business Summit

I’ll be in New York on June 25th to take part (twice) on a panel at the NYT Small Business Summit… …not only does it look like a great day for any small business owner, not only is it only $99 to register, not only is my good friend Carol Roth speaking, not only will every attendee get a copy of Predictable Success…

…they’ve also given me this code which will reduce your registration by 50%: SPKR12. Just pop it in the registration page and you pay just half the regular admittance. See you there? If you’re coming, let me know.
Inc Logo
4 Signs You’re Not Actually Communicating

Over at INC., this week’s column hit the front page and stayed there for three days – pretty cool, huh? The site is dynamically generated to automatically pull the most active articles (i.e. commented, liked, retweeted, etc) to the front, and this week’s piece hit a nerve.

Although the editor gave it the title ‘4 Signs You’re a Terrible Communicator‘, it’s in fact about the four ways highly Visionary leaders let their eloquence get in the way of actually communicating. Take a look and see if you’re guilty of any of them.
Do Lectures Logo
Mickey Smith – Do Trust What You Love

In my interview with David Hieatt (above), you’ll hear us talk quite a bit about the Do Lectures. To give you a flavor of just why Do is such a life-changing event, I’d encourage you to invest 20 minutes to listen to this outstanding talk by Mickey Smith.

I was in the audience when Mickey gave this presentation, and it haunted me (in the best way) for months afterward. (My American friends may feel they need subtitles at first – Mickey has a thick English accent – but you’ll pick up his lilt very quickly.) Watch it here.


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