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  • July 27, 2015
  • minute read

Newsletter: July, 2015 

It’s summer (in our hemisphere) which means that many people are out on vacation. If this is the case in your office, take advantage of this temporary lull by using it to reflect on your business. Identify which policies/procedures are working, which aren’t, and make changes where necessary.
Not sure where to begin? We have tips that will help in our first article below.

Synergist Trivia Question

In honor of our latest webinar, do you know which recent former U.S. president was known to be a massive Synergist while in office? Send us your guess!
~ Sarah

Here's how to overcome business blind spots

5 Ways to Overcome Business Blind Spots

Discover which habits, policies or procedures are costing you.
We all have our blind spots – those things that we’d instantly recoil from if we saw them in others but just can’t quite seem to recognize in ourselves.
The same thing holds true for organizations. The challenge is, what can you as a leader do to “see” these blind spots? How can you uncover what’s irritating clients, alienating customers, and pilfering your profits?
Find out here

Watch the webinar replay here

Work With or For a Synergist?

Hear how to make the most of it in this webinar.
A Synergist is a “people person” who thrives in the company of others. These individuals are especially adept at helping teams to reach a consensus that’s beneficial to the group/enterprise overall.
However, the very talents that enable Synergists to excel in team settings can make them challenging to work with or for – especially for results-driven Operators and consistency-focused Processors. In this webinar, we’ll share the Synergist secrets you need to know.
Watch the webinar replay here

Are You Caught in This Conundrum?

If so, then help is here.
Do more with Les One of our clients was kind enough to share this with us. Not only did it make us laugh, it also reinforced what a difference our services can make. If you’re looking for proven ways to maximize your success with the resources you have, then consider working with us.
Learn how you can do more with Les!

Listen to Les' interview on the Coaching Show

Leadership Takeaways from the Coaching Show

Hear practical tips you can put into practice immediately.
During this interview on the Coaching Show, Les and host Christopher McAuliffe look at leadership at every level. From the single most difficult lesson for founder/owners to learn as their business grows, to how to encourage employees to tap into their discretionary effort reserves and contribute even more.
Les also reveals a step you can take today to enhance your leadership effectiveness.
Listen to the interview here


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