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  • October 14, 2013
  • minute read

New Book in Spring 2014, Great Work MBA, 21 Ways to Be a Better Leader | New at Predictable Success 

This week, our focus is on doing. From an exciting new book from Les entitled Do Lead, to an interview with Do Lectures founder David Hieatt, and a valuable workshop on doing great work…
Les' new book, Do Lead, will be out Spring 2014! longdesc=
A little over two years ago, Les spoke at the Do Lectures in Wales. (Watch his talk here.)
These lectures bring together an eclectic group in a unique environment to share ideas, experiences, and ultimately inspire each other to “do” innovative things. Les found the experience to be so valuable that he had to interview founder David Hieatt about them.
The Do Lectures have also sparked a book series, and we’re excited to announce that Les has just been invited and happily agreed to contribute! Published by The Do Book Co., this new release will be entitled Do Lead.
In it, Les will examine how leadership is different from power and reveal how it’s possible to lead anyone, anytime, anywhere… even when you’re not in charge. Do Lead will be coming out in Spring 2014. Stay tuned for details!
Lastly, wondering how you can do more of the work you want to, the work that you really care about? Michael Bungay Stanier has put together an amazing virtual event to help you achieve just that. Check out the details below!
~ Sarah

Register today for Great Work MBA!

Register Today for Your Great Work MBA!
Join Les & 24 Top Experts at this Free Virtual Event

Michael Bungay Stanier and his company, Box of Crayons, have put together a remarkable conference that you won’t want to miss! It’s happening Nov. 10th thru 15th, and you can participate from anywhere.
What if you could do less good work and more great work – the work you care about, the work that really makes a difference?
During this five-day event, Michael and 25 renowned thought leaders will be examining the most essential skills you need to make this happen.
Each talk will be streaming for 24 hours, so you can participate when your schedule allows. Be sure to catch Les’ talk on Day 2 about knowing your role!
Sign up here to secure your FREE spot

Ask Les Your Leadership Questions

Queries & Quick Tips:
Have a Leadership Challenge You Need Help With?

While it would be wonderful if Les could sit down with each and every one of you, that’s just not possible. So he’s doing the next best thing.
We’re going to pose questions to find out about what’s on your mind and what struggles you’re facing. Then Les will share insights and advice on how best to address them.
Since we cannot answer everyone, we will select from among the queries we receive and post Les’ response in the next newsletter. Here is this week’s question:
“My leadership style (Visionary, Operator, Processor, Synergist) is ___________.
The biggest obstacle I’m facing when it comes to working with my team is ___________.”
Enter your response here!

Interview with David Hieatt, founder of the Do Lectures

Changing the World, One Talk at a Time

The Do Lectures are the single biggest business game-changer Les has ever attended.

Listen as he talks to founder David Hieatt about the inspiration behind them, why they are unique, and how you can participate.
Also learn how David is mixing entrepreneurial vision with artisanal skills to create an unusual and thriving business in Wales.
Listen to our interview here

New article on Inc - 21 Ways to Be a Better Leader Without Breaking a Sweat

21 Ways to Be a Better Leader

Little actions on your part can make a big difference to those around you.

Being a leader means making the tough decisions. However, sometimes you can move mountains without even breaking a sweat.
Les shares simple steps you can take today, including one that he says is the most powerful tool in the leadership toolkit.
Read the Inc. article here

Watch Les on Lead With Giants

Les on Lead With Giants Google Hangout

Curious how your leadership style could be impacting your team?

Are you a Visionary or an Operator? A Processor or a Synergist?
Watch as Les reveals the difference between having a leadership style and being dominated by it. He also uncovers two keys to ensuring everyone works together for the good of the enterprise.
Catch the replay here


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