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  • July 22, 2012
  • minute read

Mission-driven Success, Free Summaries of The Synergist for your team, Webinar Replays, Oblique Strategies | New at Predictable Success 

Hi – I'm a bit later than usual in getting this out today – I got sandbagged by the last minute twists of the British Open Golf championship, together with Bradley Wiggins (yes, that's his real name) becoming the first Brit to win the Tour de France.

Will you be the 10000th?

You may think that this was just work avoidance on my part – and you'd be right. But hey, it was a tough week, as any of you who were on the storm-beset webinars this week will know.

If you weren't on those webinars, the replay details are below (you'll get to hear a little of our travails if you listen, but the electric storms didn't get in the way of delivering great content), together with some great new resources, and details of the next free webinar (Predictable Success for Mission-Driven Organizations).

Oh, and that image above? That's the number of people who have taken the Predictable Success Styles Quiz so far. We'll hit 10,000 this week, and I'm going to do something special (not sure what yet, but it will be good) for the 10,000th submitter. If you haven't taken the quiz yet, might it be you…?

Let's go:

Predictable Success for Mission Based Organizations

Webinar: Predictable Success for Mission-Based Organizations

Not-for-profits face unique challenges. Whether you manage, work for or with a faith- or cause-based organization, an NGO, a state or local government agency – or your kids softball league – you'll know that just defining success can be difficult, let alone achieving it. 

The good news is that the Predictable Success model is just as relevant to your situation as it is to commercial and for-profit organizations – in fact in many ways, it's even more so (I know this from many years as a pastor and elder in a faith-based organization and having served on the boards of many cause-based organizations and NGOs).

So whether you're a board member or executive at a foundation, a church leader, a project manager in an NGO, a government or agency employee (or a kid's softball league convener) you'll want to attend this free webinar on Predictable success for Mission-Based Organizations.
Here's the link for more details and free registration.

Get free Soundview Summaries of The Synergist for your yeam

For Your Team: Free 8-Page Summaries of 'The Synergist'

Our good friends at Soundview Executive Book Summaries (who made The Synergist one of their top 30 business books of the year) have kindly given me 150 copies of their excellent 8-page summary of 'The Synergist' to donate to groups and team who would most benefit from them.

If you've read 'The Synergist' and would like to spread the word amongst your colleagues, then this is a great way to do precisely that – the summary does a great job of communicating in a precise way the vocabulary and the basics of the VOP-S model. 

Obviously with the limited number of copies I have, I'd like to ensure they get placed in the hands of those groups and teams who will best use them – so if you'd like copies for your team, just hop over here and let me know – I'll review each application personally and we'll mail the copies out with our compliments to the successful applicants.

Here's the link for more details and the application form.

Webinar Replay: Building a highly effective team

Webinar Replay
How to Build Highly Effective Teams

Despite a heavy storm and a whimpering Jessie of a golden retriever (you can hear Alfie in the background if you concentrate) I was joined last week by over 350 people to explore ways in which to use The Synergist model to build highly effective teams.

If you work with groups or teams and you'd like to go into the Synergist model a little deeper than usual, then you'll find this replay particularly helpful. And don't miss the questions at the end which pushed me even deeper.

Listen to the replay here.

Webinar Replay: The 4 Secrets of Predictable Success

Webinar Replay
The 4 Secrets of Predictable Success

'Who's that handsone man?' you're asking. 

Well, you know it ain't me 🙂 It's my good friend Michael Port, and last week I delivered this webinar on the 4 'Secrets' of Predictable Success for almost 800 of his colleagues.

If you missed it, and you'd like a comprehensive introduction to the Predictable Success model, this is as good as it gets (and the questions at the end are great here, too, though they do range widely over the model).

Listen to the replay here.

Oblique Strategies online at iTunes

Free on ITunes: Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies

If you've listened to my teleclass on how to think strategically you'll know I highly recommend a hitherto hard-to-obtain stack of though-prompting cards called 'Oblique Strategies', produced by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt. 

Well, thanks to the eagle-eyed (and friend of Predictable Success) Scott Propp, I can now pass on this link to a free app version of the cards on iTunes.

Enjoy (seriously – use and enjoy – this is a first class tool, when used properly).


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