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Les McKeown's Predictable Success Blog

  • January 6, 2014
  • minute read

Make 2014 the Year You Revolutionize Your Business, Lead Your Team to New Heights, and Achieve Predictable Success 

Want to make 2014 your best year yet? We’d love to help you achieve your business goals for 2014 and bring your organization to newfound levels of success.
We can help, register for a workshop today! longdesc=
To that end, we’re excited to announce brand new Predictable Success workshops for 2014. They’ll be taking place in numerous cities across the U.S. and in London as well, you can see the complete schedule here. We’re offering special discounts to usher in the new year, so be sure to take advantage of them while you can! These one-day events are the perfect tool to help you achieve your business goals in 2014 and beyond.
In case you missed our notification over the holidays, we also have a brand new webinar coming up on January 23rd. Entitled Optimizing Your Time in Fun, we’ll be taking a closer look at this euphoric stage of growth and how best to prepare for what comes next.
Looking for some tools you can use immediately? We have those, too! Les answers two readers’ questions about their biggest business challenges for the new year and provides a third bonus tip about decision-making. In addition, Les’ full presentation on the 7 Stages of Every Growing Business from the Inc. 500|5000 Conference is now available for you to view here.
Happy New Year to you, and here’s to making it one for the record books.
~ Sarah

Secure your spot now for a Predictable Success workshop!

Sign Up and Save:
2014 Predictable Success Workshops Announced!

Did you resolve to lead your team to new heights this year? Here’s how you can make it happen!
Thank you to everyone who has been asking about our upcoming workshops for 2014. We appreciate your patience and are pleased to announce we’ll be coming to the following cities:

  • Atlanta – March 20th
  • London – May 8th
  • Boston – June 5th
  • San Francisco – Sept. 4th
  • New York City – December 3rd

Our workshops cover the same content that we’ve used at hundreds of organizations across the globe. They also give you an opportunity to work directly with us for a fraction of the cost of an in-house workshop. Bring yourself and your team members so that you can learn together exactly what you need to do to break through the obstacles you’re facing.
Register by January 31st and receive a special New Year’s discount! Sign up for a single seat for $750 (a savings of $225), and you can even bring additional participants from your organization for $300 each (a savings of $150)! We look forward to seeing you soon.
Learn more and sign up here

Register for the Optimizing Your Time in Fun Webinar

Register Now:
Optimizing Your Time in Fun Webinar

Fast growth, happy customers, highly engaged team – what’s not to love about the Fun stage of growth?
There’s nothing like the joy of Fun, especially after overcoming the challenges of Early Struggle to reach it. This is the time of double- or triple-digit growth, when myths and legends are built!
In fact the only danger of Fun is if you don’t plan for the future, because it won’t go on forever. In time, complexity creeps in and before you know it, you’re in Whitewater.
If you or someone you know is currently experiencing the Fun stage of growth, then be sure to register for our upcoming webinar.
In it, we’ll examine how to know if you really are in Fun, how to resist the gravitational pull back to Early Struggle, the four most common mistakes founder/owners and leaders make when their organization is in Fun, and much, much more.
Discover how to make the most of this enjoyable stage while also preparing for what comes next.
Register for the webinar here

Watch as Les reveals the 7 Stages of Every Growing Business

7 Stages of Every Growing Business

Wish you could have seen Les at the Inc. 500|5000 Conference? Now you can!

Watch as Les reveals the two main reasons why only 20% of new businesses survive.
He also explains which key players are involved at each stage of growth and how their relationships evolve along with the organization.
In addition, you’ll discover the vital difference between growing and scaling, an essential tool for navigating Whitewater, and the dangers of putting form above function.
Here’s a visual overview of the topics Les explores in this valuable presentation!
Watch the videos here

Hear Les' answers to Readers' Questions

Bonus Tip to Help You in the New Year

When faced with a business issue, there’s an important question you should ask.

Our final newsletter question for 2013 was: “My biggest business concern/ planning challenge heading into the new year is ___________.”
We received so many great responses that Les answered two questions! Listen as he addresses the challenge of when to hire so that a company can help both its customers and its bottom line. Also, learn how to keep from being vulnerable to competitors’ lower prices.
Lastly, Les offers a bonus tip about decision-making that you won’t want to miss.
Hear Les’ answers

Listen to our interview with Steve McKee, BusinessWeek columnist and award-winning author

Put Power Branding to Work for You

Discover the secrets behind the most powerful branding success stories.

Ever wonder how Nike is able to sell so many shoes without featuring them in their advertising? Or why “the most interesting man in the world” bolstered beer sales for Dos Equis?
BusinessWeek columnist and award-winning author Steve McKee recently spoke with Les about these and other branding lessons he uncovers in his latest book, Power Branding.
Whether your business is just starting out or you’re in need of some new inspiration, learn how to enhance your brand without breaking the bank.
Listen to the interview


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