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  • March 18, 2013
  • minute read

LPP launched, Conscious Capitalism, Tech that deadens, Your book recommendations | New at Predictable Success 

As you’ll see below, David and I have been working flat out on our biggest project of 2013 – the Predictable Success Licensed Practitioner Program.So as you might imagine, we’ve been looking for some light amusement to leaven the hard work of building a global network of world-class, committed, skilled, enthusiastic and superbly-trained consultants and coaches.
Cognizant that today is March 17, we found this (sorta) St Paddies Day card generator. (If you’ve ever visited Ireland, you’ll know that chubby little fist pump babies like our friend on the right are omnipresent. Especially on beaches.)
Meantime, below the fold we have more about the Licensed Practitioner Program; our next upcoming webinar on how to get out of Early Struggle and into Fun; an interview with the Founder of the Conscious Capitalism movement; 3 things founders musn’t mess up, and  – finally – the list of your recommended business books. Enjoy.
More later!

Now Live: The Predictable Success Licensed Practitioner Program

Live Today:
Become a Predictable Success Licensed Practitioner

We’re actively looking for the first five founding members of the Predictable Success License Practitioner Program – will you be one of them?
Are you an independent consultant or small consultancy firm looking to develop an edge in the organization and leadership development consulting industry?
Do you wish you had a clear road map to grow your own consultancy business?
Looking for a world class, proven methodology that will help you substantially grow your consulting, coaching or training business, backed by the confidence, understanding, support, security and prestige of working with one of the world’s leading consultants?
If so, take a look at our newly launched Licensed Practitioner Program.
I strongly suggest you download the brochure to see the specific, exclusive benefits we’re giving only to the first five founding practitioners.

New Webinar: How to get out of Early Struggle and into Fun

New Webinar:
How to get your business out of Early Struggle and into Fun

Does it feel like your new venture just won’t ‘take flight’? Are you plugging away month after month, but achieving no momentum and seeing little return?
Does it feel like you’ve ‘made it’ for a few weeks or months before you find yourself back in survival mode all over again?
Ever wonder if you’ve done the right thing in launching a new venture?
If so, your business is caught in what I call ‘Early Struggle’, and I know how to get you out of it.
I’ve personally been through the startup process 42 times (including two failures), and somewhere around the 20th launch I finally understood precisely how to get any new venture out of Early Struggle and into Fun (the part where you get to sell lots of what you’re offering, be profitable and enjoy yourself).
Find out for yourself by attending our next Webinar ‘How to get out of Early Struggle and into Fun‘.

Raj Sisodia, founder of the Conscious Capitalism Institute

Listen: Raj Sisodia on Conscious Capitalism

Raj Sisodia is the founder and Chairman of the Conscious Capitalism Institute, Professor of Marketing at Bentley University…

…and the co-author (with John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods) of ‘Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business’.
In this interview we talk about the genesis and development of the Conscious Capitalism movement, what it means to be a Conscious Leader, and the advantages of being a Conscious Company.
Listen to my interview with Raj Sisodia here.

New at Inc: Starting a Company? 3 Things You Must Not Mess Up

Read: 3 things founders mustn’t mess up

There is such a high demand for start-up funding that even hedge funds are investing in new businesses.

And yet the failure rate for new ventures remains defiantly high, at around 80 percent.
Why do so many new ventures fail, even with so much money available?
Because very few start-up founders are sufficiently clear-minded enough about three non-negotiable fundamentals, each of which I outline in this week’s Inc article:
Read the Inc article here.

Here are the 66 books Predictable Success readers recommend

Grab: Your business book recommendations (pdf)

If you recall, I asked readers to send in nominations for their ‘must-read’ business books.

…And you did – 66 of them in fact.
It’s a fascinating list, including many that would be on my own ‘Best of’ list, many that most definitely aren’t, and some that I’d not heard of previously.
I’ve put it in pdf form and provided a link to the Amazon page for each book (where we could find one). I’ve no doubt you’ll find some nominees for your own list.
Grab your copy of the list here.


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