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  • October 8, 2010
  • minute read

Letting go of the big dog 

We all have a big dog (or two) in our business.Usually it’s an employee that has worked so hard and diligently to grow your business that they have developed sweat equity. Sometimes it’s a customer or client who has given us so much business that they almost own us. Occasionally it’s a spouse, friend or mentor who has such an emotional grip on our psyche that we enter a relational distortion field when we talk with them.

Sometimes the big dog is an idea of our own, a narration in our own head, a part of us that’s getting in the way of growing the business.

Whoever (or whatever) it is, your big dog will at some point become a hindrance to growth: always, sure as night turns to day. Over time, they become a liability instead of an asset; a roadblock from the past standing in the way of your future growth.

When you’re positioning your business for growth, oftentimes the most difficult thing to do is to let go of the big dog.

Who’s your big dog?

Is it time for you to let go?


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