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Les McKeown's Predictable Success Blog

  • July 23, 2010
  • minute read

Leaders work in the white space 

Look at this web page. What do you see? Text, images, words, paragraphs. A whole bunch of stuff. And not one word of it is of any use to you.Why? Because I put it there. It’s mine. It came out of my head. The only thing here that is of any value to you is not what I put here – it’s what you take away from it.

The value of these words is not in the words themselves – it’s in your interpretation of the words, your imagination of what to do with what these words, and in what you then implement.

That’s what leaders do. They work outside the lines. They work in the white space. They love – crave – a vacuum to fill. Their greatness comes not from what they read, or hear, or see, but from what they create and imagine out of what they read, and hear, and see.

Where will your vacuum be today? Where will you find white space, to think and imagine and envision and create…? What do you need to break down, to change, to blow up, to twist till it screams, to find white space?


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