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  • November 16, 2016
  • minute read

Why Leaders Are Putting Their Faith in Predictable Success 

banner_faith_in_ps_linkedin2Can your whole life as a leader be described in a diagram? Apparently so, says Carey Nieuwhof.
A top-rated leadership podcaster, best-selling author and speaker to church leaders around the world, Carey is extremely knowledgeable about strategies for guiding mission-based organizations.
But after reading Predictable Success, he confides he wasn’t prepared for how perfectly it explains the frustration, hope and organizational life that every leader experiences.
Carey recently interviewed Les McKeown about the shared struggles that businesses and churches face – from the challenges of fast growth to the dangers of rampant bureaucracy.
Listen as they discuss the power that a shared leadership vocabulary can bring, and how teaching it will drain tensions from within your team. And discover the vital lessons everyone can learn from Google, Microsoft, Blackberry and more.
Listen to the Podcast!

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