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  • December 23, 2009
  • minute read

Keith Ferrazzi Endorses 'Predictable Success' 

True confession: I’ve always had a problem in developing and maintaining new business relationships. Although I can network with the best of them if I have to, left to my own devices I develop hermit-like tendencies and reach out to others less than I should. As a human being that’s problematic in general, but as a consultant, author and speaker it’s both dumb and severely limiting.In recent years I’ve been blessed with wonderful clients who have provided me with exciting, challenging consulting work of such intensity and scale that my perceived need to build new relationships fell into abeyance. As a result, it was quite a wake-up call for me during the process of writing and preparing to launch ‘Predictable Success’ to discover that I had to re-learn the importance of reaching out to others for help and support.

So when I fell upon Keith Ferrazzi’s work – specifically his two books, ‘Never Eat Alone‘ and ‘Who’s Got Your Back‘ – I was both excited and challenged to be pulled well outside my comfort zone and back into a realization that in business, relationships aren’t just ‘tools’ to be used – they’re the foundation for career fulfillment.

The principles that Keith espouses in his two books have been of great help in reminding me just what ‘relationship-building’ means specifically in my circumstances, and how to build business relationships in a way that I’m personally comfortable with.

I’m therefore wide-eyed with pride to share with you that Keith has this to say about “Predictable Success: Getting Your Organization On the Growth Track – and Keeping It There”:

“Les McKeown has an intuitive understanding of why and how business works. ‘Predictable Success’ is practical and easy to understand – exactly what an executive needs to grow his business.”

Keith Ferrazzi, #1 New York Times Bestselling author of Never Eat Alone and Who’s Got Your Back.

Keith is an exceptional guy, and on December 26 he’ll be in Guatemala helping orphans. If you’re a fan of Keith’s work (or mine), do yourself a Christmas favor and help Keith’s work with a contribution.


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