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John Warrillow on how to build a business that will thrive without you 

Hey! I miss you.As many of you know, the Predictable Success Blog is on a short summer hiatus while I finish the next book in the Predictable Success series, but I just wanted to pop up to say ‘hello’, and remind you that I’m still micro-blogging over at Twitter (a boy needs some relief from book-writing all day long!). If you miss me as much as I miss you, pop over to Twitter and follow me there – and reach out and say hello.

Apart from writing, the one thing I enjoy doing more than anything else is to interview people. Last week I got the chance to interview John warrillow, the author of ‘Built to Sell’ (a book I think should be on every founder/owner’s bookshelf), and I though it would be good to share it with you. You can listen to the interview by clicking here.

This was a great interview for me to do not just because I love John’s book (and genuinely think it should be in everyone’s business library), but also because – as you’ll hear, mostly toward the end of the interview – John and I have followed such similar paths that it got a little spooky. In fact, I waited until we’d come off the air before sharing with John just how frighteningly similar our stories were, because I thought most of you would have thought I’d made it up!

Built to Sell

So sit back and listen to the garrulous John Warrillow talk about his business background (four companies), why he wrote ‘Built to Sell’, what he callously ripped off from ‘Predictable Success’ (OK, those are my words, not his), what you should be doing to build your business to get the most from selling it, and what he’s going to do next.

Click here to listen to me interview John.

You can learn more about ‘Built to Sell’ and purchase the book by clicking here.


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