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  • February 1, 2017
  • minute read

ITSourceTek's CEO on How His Firm Achieved a Triple-Digit Increase in EBITDA  

Hear how Brian Arellanes achieved a triple-digit increase in EBITDAWith nearly 20 years in the technology and security sector, Brian Arellanes has experienced his share of change. But it’s the change he chose to make to his successful firm ITSourceTek after attending a Predictable Success workshop that’s most remarkable of all.
After implementing a restructure he knew would cost revenue in the short term, his firm achieved a 12% increase in gross profitability and an 823% increase in EBITDA.
In this interview, Brian shares just how this critical transformation took place.

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A Closer Look at ITSourceTek’s Challenge:
As founder and CEO of ITSourceTek, Inc., Brian and his firm have worked closely with organizations ranging from Fortune 25 banks to some of the top names in healthcare, retail, technology and government.
While fulfilling the strict cybersecurity needs of these entities, ITSourceTek found itself mirroring the divide that was happening within the tech industry. This meant that in addition to a successful legacy IT business, it now had a fast-growing security business.
Each segment had its own strengths and challenges. But it wasn’t until Brian attended a Predictable Success workshop that he saw the framework that would transform his business forever. Hear how he took these principles and tools and used them to achieve not only phenomenal increases in profitability, but scalable and sustainable success.


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